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Bipolar Disorder - I have kidney failure and bipolar and the meds I take lithium for the bipolar and

Posted 23 Oct 2009 1 answer

... inability to sleep and the kidney failure meds are causing big problems like dehydration and vomiting due to high levels of lithium in my... read more

Lithium for depression, anyone take lithium for severe MDD to the point of starting to impact my...

Posted 9 Aug 2017 1 answer

... ADL's even doings thing like getting dressed is a battle and not really having a life. I'm not bipolar so I'd imagine a... read more

Bipolar Disorder - 2nd day of taking just 300mg of lithium at night. my doctor wants me to add one?

Posted 28 Nov 2009 4 answers

... pill each week up to 1200mg a day. i take it at night and i feel fine i know its only day 2 but i dont know what to expect,never been on this... read more

My wife is a bipolar patient, can she get pregnant while taking the lithium carbonate ?

Posted 23 Apr 2012 7 answers

-her age is 40 -never pregnant before -having the ailment for 22 year

Topiramate - How long does it take to work?

Posted 8 Oct 2018 2 answers

My doctor gave me Topamax for bipolar depression, but I have real bad anxiety already and I’m terrified to take meds cause of side... read more

Lithium - I drink a gallon of water a day, will this intake dilute the effect of lithium?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 2 answers

I am going to ask my two psychiatrists that I work with about this, but I'm curious to see what you think. I walk briskly 4 miles in an hour... read more

Does lithium and prozac a good combonation for bipolar and shizoaffevtive disorder?

Posted 9 Mar 2011 2 answers

I suffer from Bipolar #1 and Shizoaffective and Panic attacks would Prozac mixed with lithium help me?

I am curious about young kids and taking lithium, my son is 11 and is on serequal. would lithium wo?

Posted 12 Jan 2010 3 answers

my son is 11 and has had issues with sleep and aggression for years he has been diagnosed with a mood disorder and adhd, also post traumatic... read more

How long does it take to get off of only using topiramate for 2 weeks?

Posted 14 Apr 2019 1 answer

My son took topiramate for 2 weeks and no longer on it. How long until it is out of his system? He is 32 years old.

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