An employee in a drugstore in Barcelona gave me these when I told her that my arm constantly hurts. She said Gloxi Feno is all natural and good for pain. I live in Taiwan and have been seen by a Neurologist who says I have "neuralgia" and has been giving me pills to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. I have been through so many pills in Taiwan and I have received no pain relief. A pharmacist in Taiwan gave me "Keto" for 7 days and while I am 3 days into those, no pain relief. Desperately, I went to the drug store here and was given the Gloxi Feno. I can't find any info on it on the web and am hesitant to take it since I've started Keto. HOWEVER, I am so desperate to have some pain relief from the tingling and dull ache in my arm and tingling fingers that I want to take this. Anyone know what the Spanish call "Gloxi Feno" is? Supposed to take 2-3/day.