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Can u mix xanax and dicyclomine?


jdbaron83 10 Sep 2014

The main concern is that dicyclomine (Bentyl) used to treat IBD and other bowel disorders slows down the absorption of medications by reducing motility in the bowel. This may cause you to experience prolonged exposure to certain medications designed to act for only a specific amount of time, especially if taken multiple times a day. With benzodiazepines, toxicity doesn't occur until very high doses but it is a CNS depressant nonetheless. The good news is that Xanax is fast acting AND has a very short half life, so I would run it by your Dr. just for a sanity check but there doesn't seem to be a significant need to counter-indicate the use of the two together. However, if and when you discontinue the Xanax, you may want to extend your taper due to possible higher than average blood serum levels during your use period as a precaution.

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