Hi, I'm worried that the lexapro I'm taking for over a year is affecting my concentration. I feel very hyper all the time, which is not like me, I'm usually placid and easy going. I feel like i have ADD and ADHD. I also have almost verbal diarrhoea, and blurt things out that I wouldn't normally say. I'm also very restless and i wander off in my mind, i can't keep my concentration. It's starting to affect my studies, it makes my teachers lose their temper with me because I'm so all over the place. I was depressed and melancholic before going on this medication but i feel like a person who is high on something. I even had college students comment jokingly that they thought i was"smoking something"which worried me because i could not tell them that i was on antidepressants.
If anyone has had similar side effects to lexapro please help me out and respond.