I have seen commercials where they state I thought there were 3 types of flex pens, if so what's the difference.

Reason asking by BS is 170-200 and I went say from 13 to 16 units and don't see a difference. Been on flex pen 6 months my 3 month sugar test was 12 is why the doc put me on it and was down to 8 my last visit and I was getting down to say 130 BS but I don't test it the way I should. Last doctor visit he said to increace it to 16 or until I get it lowered.

I started a protein shake diet weigh in at 240 lbs not exercising but have started got to get a handle on the BS I stopped the protein diet thinking it's why my BS is rising or like the body is fighting me trying to lose wight so it increases my BS to fight it I know that sounds stupid but what worries me is until I can get some weight off how many units are too many and how many units should relate in BS loss. Like 5 units equats to 10 points down or no way to measure that.