... pregnancies to support the early months of my first trimester. This time around I'm in a different state with a new OB and she has put me on 10mg oral Medroxyprogesterone which is a synthetic. At first I did not question it because I had not heard of it before. My pharmacist seemed to be freaked out that the OB was prescribing this to prevent miscarriage. When I looked it up online pretty much everything I've found said "Medroxyprogesterone should never be used to test for pregnancy or to prevent miscarriage during the first few months of pregnancy." I have a call into the OB - does anyone know if this is correct. Should I only be asking for natural progesterone (compounded) to be inserted vaginally and why would an new OB not consult with my prior OB to check with dosing, etc. from my prior pregnancies? While I will definitely speak with my OB I'm curious what others here may know about this... thanks!