I finally got my cheapo doc to give me an Ativan script. I would up having a major anxiety attack to get him to do it. And he still didn't give me many, he gave me 15 of the 2 mg tabs. I told him I only wanted 1 mg tabs because I usually take 0.5 mg at a time. But now he says he has this weird thing with numbers. Her says he only writes benzos for 15 pills. (btw, last time he used that line he said 30 pills) So I could have 15 of the 2 mg or 1 mg. So I took the 2 mg, but it would have been easier for me to get the 1 mg. I almost think he's playing games with me. Like if I would have said the 1 mg tabs then maybe he would have given me 30 anyway. I don't get this. He's not brain dead, even a grade school kid can figure out the 15 o9f the 2 mg tabs equals 30 on the 1 mg tabs. So I just don't understand his reasoning. When he does this toe he causes an anxiety attack so as soon as I got home I filled the script. I always ask which brand they have with benzos because I have gotten some that really didn't work well, but that was before I learned to concern myself with brands. In the past 6 months they have always had Mylan Ativan and Mylan is the brand I think works best. But they didn't have Mylan this time. They had something I never tried, Actavis. I reluctantly agreed because at that point I felt like I was dying for 1. But I should have insisted the pharmacy order me the Mylan brand. Either that or I should have gone to other pharmacies. I am very unhappy with these Actavis. I almost feel like they don't work at all.

Has anyone here taken Actavis Ativan and would you give me an opinion please? I realize we're all different. I was on a different board once and some man was unhappy because he got Mylan Xanax. He thought Mylan made the worst Xanax there is. Meanwhile I think Mylan makes the best benzos there are regardless of which one. So I wonder what I'm going to hear about Actavis Ativan?