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Are Valium or Xanax the best for anxiety disorders?

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27 Oct 2011

Yes. Todd Hanna. They are. Everyone of the previous answers were very well said. points well presented. Between the two, having been on both, and xanax, went into detox, spent 5 weeks and a few days, getting cleaned out. Not going to go into the this, that and the other, details. The one that worked the best for me was the valium. No doubt. I actually could feel it working. The xanax I never felt it working, yet my body would demand it and what happened is that the dose was increased and increased to the point where it was a danger to me. Hence the hospitlization. They are both benzos, addictive as the dickens, the longer on them, the more difficult it is to stop. Same equation for both. very best to you.

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9 Mar 2012

Ive been on alot of them for many years. If valium work for you, STAY with them. From my experiences, its milder and my mother took them for about 30 years. Believe me, xanax has the worse effects on a person and the with drawels are severe. Hope that helps ya.

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28 Mar 2012

I have only tried Xanax and I feel that it really helps during panic attacks. I actually take a very small dose right now that still helps (1/4 tablet of 0.25mg). Crazy right? I just feel that if that amount helps me for now, why take the whole pill? The small dose that I take makes me just a little bit drowsy and dizzy for just a little bit but better than experiencing panic.

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7 Apr 2012

Not everybody has problems with withdrawl upon stopping xanax usage. I have mixed feelings about xanax to be for sure, but when I have the panic attacks that feel like a heart attack I'm glad I have it. If I were to generalize I would say its better for panic attacks not for daily usage and valium/klonopin are better if you need to take something every day because you have generalized anxiety.
A lot of people have both and are on both, the valium/klonopin for generalize anxiety and xanax for anxiety attacks. This does seem a bit much so be careful when you start down this road and make sure you are in therapy or taking other means to address anxiety.

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9 Sep 2012

Hi guys

I am a recreational user of both Valium and Xanex, so I am no expert.

What I have found and been told is Xanex is way cleaner, stronger and longer acting then Valium, I could take a Full light blue Xanex at 12 pm tommorow afternoon, and the half life basically dies about 8 o clock the next night, compared to yellow Valium which dies out after about 6-8 hours in my experience, Valium has alot of crap in it whilst Xanex is the pure essence and is at the top of that particular drug family/tree.


ps: Xanex with green and or alcohol is great!

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2 Dec 2012

For me Xanax works better but everyone is different. If you have an addictive personality I would recommend you do not get Xanax. It is a very powerful drug. When I first got it years ago I quickly became addicted to it but since then I have learned the proper way to use it. Even though your bottle will tell you otherwise, Xanax should not be used every day. You shouldn't even use it once a week. It should only be used as the very last resort to save yourself.

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31 Jan 2013

I have taken all kinds of meds for my Anxiety and my Depression. Some doctors think its the same disorder and like to treat with one med, not true.
Anxiety= After trying Valium, Xanax and klonopin here are my personal results.
I find Xanax to hit the fastest and the hardest but also does not last long so you will need more and more.Although the Xanax works fast and gets one high the fact that one needs more every day or the symptoms get worse. Xanax is out.

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