I have searched the internet and cannot find an answer to my question. I went to fill my prescription of Adderal XR last month and there was a powder inside rather than the little beads. This month I went to a different pharmacy and received the capsules with the beads inside. My brother-in-law recently received his prescription of 20mg and he had the powder inside. He thinks they are fake. I tried explaining I had the same ones last month. Anyway, he used to deal with this small town pharmacist who used to fill his medication every month; he would spend thousands filling his prescriptions without health insurance (Oxycontin 80mg-120, percocet 10mg-120, etc). He could have easily filled them at a pharmacy in the city (about 45 minutes away from his home), especially since he is always here. But this pharmacist would occasionally lend him a few if he was running short and deduct it from his next script. After two years he asked the dr to put him on something cheaper and was given the pain patches and other stuff. He took the adderal to his old pharmacist near his home and was told they were NOT adderal. Is that possible? With adderall XR, do they only come with the little beads inside or do they have a company who makes a powder?