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Ingelvac ERY-ALC

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Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Erysipelothrix Rhusiopathiae Vaccine

Live Culture

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For use as an aid in the prevention of erysipelas in healthy swine.


Erysipelothrix Rhusiopathiae Vaccine, Live Culture is a frozen vaccine prepared from a specially selected strain of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. The duration of immunity is at least 128 days.

In a duration of immunity study 19 of 21 pigs (90%, p<0.0001) dosed orally with a single dose of Ingelvac Ery-ALC at an average of 52 days of age were completely protected when challenged with virulent erysipelas at 184 days of age. Sixteen of 21 pigs (76%, p<0.0001) dosed orally with a single dose of Ingelvac Ery-ALC at an average of 32 days of age were completely protected when challenged at 163 days of age. All nonvaccinated controls (100%) receiving the same challenge displayed clinical erysipelas with high fever, skin lesions, lameness, and death. Mortality in the non-vaccinated control pigs was 50%.

Ingelvac ERY-ALC Indications

Recommended for the oral administration to healthy, susceptible swine eight weeks of age or older as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae (erysipelas). If maternal antibody interference exists, or if some pigs did not drink the vaccine-treated water, a second dose is recommended 3 to 5 weeks later. Sows or gilts should be revaccinated prior to breeding.


Vaccine Preparation: Plan vaccination timing to allow thawing of the contents of the vaccine vial in air at controlled room temperature or in a lukewarm water bath at (60-75°F) until liquid. Shake well and use immediately.

Vaccination Via The Drinking Water:

Conventional Water Directions (Open Trough or Barrel type [tank] System)

1. Do not thaw vaccine until ready to vaccinate.

2. Remove all medications, sanitizers, and disinfectants from drinking water 72 hours (3 days) prior to vaccination.

3. Flush watering system with nonchlorinated/nontreated clean water to eliminate any antibacterial agents.

4. Thaw vaccine according to directions.

5. Add correct number of doses of vaccine to the appropriate amount of clean, non-treated water for each pig to be vaccinated (see table).

6. Final solution containing vaccine should be consumed within 4 hours after thawing of vaccine.

Directions for Automatic Watering Systems equipped with proportioner: Several types of medicators/proportioners are commercially available.

1. Do not thaw vaccine until ready to vaccinate.

2. Remove all medications, sanitizers, and disinfectants from drinking water 72 hours (3 days) prior to vaccination.

3. Provide sufficient watering space so that all pigs can drink within a 4-hour time frame.

4. Flush watering system with nontreated clean water to eliminate any antibacterial agents.

5. Set proportioner to deliver 1 oz. (30 mL) of vaccine solution per 1 gallon (4 liters) of water.

6. See Table to determine how many ounces of stock solution to prepare for pounds of pig to vaccinate.

7. Prepare vaccine concentrate as follows:

a) Thaw vaccine according to directions.

b) Add number of doses to container for stock solution equal to or more than number of pigs to vaccinate.

c) Add appropriate amount of clean, nontreated water to the container used for the stock solution.

d) Mix thoroughly.

8. Insert proportioner hose into vaccine concentrate and start water flow. Continue until all concentrate has been consumed before changing water supply to direct flow. Do not medicate or use disinfectants immediately following vaccination.

Incompatibility: All materials used in administration of this vaccine must be free of antibiotic and disinfectant residue to prevent vaccine inactivation and reduced product efficacy.

Storage Before Use: Store frozen at ultralow temperatures below -50°C or with dry ice packs. Use entire contents when first opened. Do not use bottles of damaged product. Do not store thawed vaccine.

Total Weight of Group of Pigs (# pigs x average pig weight)

Trough/Tank Estimated water* consumption in 4-hour vaccination period

Proportioner**Oz. Of stock solution needed to vaccinate lbs. of pigs in group. When run through proportioner set to deliver 1 oz. per gal.


.17 gallons

.17 oz


.85 gallons

.85 oz


1.7 gallons

1.7 oz


34.0 gallons

34 oz


51.0 gallons

51 oz


68.0 gallons

68 oz


85.0 gallons

85 oz

*Based on .17 gallon consumed (21.8 oz.) per 100 pounds body weight in 4-hour period.

**Values for pigs 40 pounds or bigger

Ingelvac ERY-ALC Caution

Pigs will generally drink 8-12% of their body weight per day depending on environmental temperatures. The actual amount of water consumed may vary considerably depending on several factors including environmental temperature.

Withdrawal Period: Vaccinated pigs are not to be harvested for human consumption before 21 days after vaccination.


After use, burn containers and all unused contents by a procedure allowed by local, state, and Federal regulations.

Expiration Date: Consult the container label for the last date this package of vaccine is acceptable for use.

Precautions: For veterinary use only

Avoid direct contact: If human exposure occurs, flush area with clean water, administer first aid, and consult physician immediately.

Anaphylactoid reactions may occur: Administer epinephrine.

General Recommendations: If swine erysipelas antiserum has been used recently on the pigs, interference with erysipelas vaccination may occur. A period of two weeks after swine erysipelas antiserum usage is generally considered an adequate interval before vaccination. It is recommended that animals being treated with antibiotics not be vaccinated with this vaccine or similar modified live vaccines.

Previous or active Erysipelas or other infection: The effect of concurrent or previous infections at or around the time of vaccination on the efficacy of this vaccine in reducing or modifying erysipelas in pigs is not known.

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