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High Cholesterol 2 reviews 42 medications
Hyperlipoproteinemia 0 reviews 44 medications Not rated - Be the first
Hyperlipoproteinemia...V, Elevated VLDL 0 reviews 29 medications Not rated - Be the first
Hyperlipoproteinemia...lomicrons VLDL 0 reviews 24 medications Not rated - Be the first
Niacin Deficiency 0 reviews 11 medications Not rated - Be the first
Pellagra 0 reviews 11 medications Not rated - Be the first
Summary of Slo-Niacin reviews 2 reviews 9.5

Reviews for Slo-Niacin

Review by StrongOne (taken for 1 to 6 months):

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For High Cholesterol: My doctor wanted me to take statins with 225 cholesterol. I didn't want to (63 yrs old). She then suggested 500 mg of Slo-Niacin twice a day with a baby aspirin. I started it but in a few days I was terribly constipated. I backed off to once a day which helped. Then I started taking potassium iodine (kelp) and the constipation problem is completely solved - better than ever as I've always been constipated - probably slow thyroid. Anyway, when I was taking the two Slo-Niacins a day, I felt 20 years younger. Going up a flight of stairs felt like walking on a flat surface. Now one a day so I only feel 10 years younger. I went on a hike yesterday where I walked on a steep path for 45 min and it was like flat again.

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March 28, 2013 9:06 PM

Review by Anonymous:

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For High Cholesterol: Two tabs (1000 mg) lowered my total cholesterol by 30 points. Added one more tablet daily (1500 mg) which will hopefully put my cholesterol at a 'good' level. Initial side effects of flushing and weird-feeling was lessened by one baby aspirin 1/2 an hour prior to taking the niacin, but mostly by taking the niacin immediately before getting into bed at night. Eventually I stopped the aspirin (lots of bruising) and notice that I am no longer sensitive (flushing and weird feelings are gone). So far it's great, especially since prior to starting I lost 35 pounds, stopped eating red meat and dairy products, and began/continue on a daily exercise (walking) program to no avail in reducing my cholesterol.

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August 9, 2009 11:32 PM

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