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Allergic Rhinitis Treatment in Children

Use special covers for mattresses, box springs, and pillows to control dust mites.

Wash bedding often, in hot water. Special additives are not necessary.

Remove any carpet or upholstered furniture from the bedroom.

Replace curtains with blinds or shades, and wipe them down regularly.

Limit the number of stuffed animals and knick-knacks in the bedroom. Wash any remaining items regularly in hot water.

Keep humidity below 50 percent by using a dehumidifier.

Vacuum carpets, mop floors, and dust with a damp cloth regularly to get rid of dust mites, animal dander and other dust-borne allergens. Special attention should be given to doing this in your child's bedroom since children usually spend one-third to one-half of each day in their bedroom.

This completes the section on avoiding indoor allergens.

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Avoiding outdoor allergens

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