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America's Doctors Offer 10 Health Resolutions as You Start a New Year

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on Jan 1, 2024.

By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, Jan. 1, 2024 -- Still weighing whether to make a New Year’s resolution? Or perhaps regretting letting your healthy habits slide during the holidays?

Either way, the American Medical Association (AMA) has ten recommendations to help Americans improve their health in 2024.

“It is quite common after the holidays to think about all you’ve eaten or your reduced physical activity and get discouraged,” said AMA President Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld.

“But the good news is you don’t have to make major health changes in one fell swoop. You can make small, positive health choices right now that can have long-lasting effects,” Ehrenfeld added in an AMA news release.

The AMA’s recommendations for a healthier new year include:

Another tip for a healthy New Year -- make sure that you have health insurance coverage.

The AMA encourages people to visit to sign up for health coverage, given that recent changes have improved access and affordability. The deadline to enroll for 2024 coverage is Jan. 16.


  • American Medical Association, news release, Dec. 19, 2023

Disclaimer: Statistical data in medical articles provide general trends and do not pertain to individuals. Individual factors can vary greatly. Always seek personalized medical advice for individual healthcare decisions.

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