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Medical Questions (Page 66)

What is Otiprio used for?

Answered 12 April 2019

How does Vistogard work?

Answered 12 April 2019

What is Alecensa used to treat?

Answered 9 March 2016

How long does 9mg melatonin stay in your system?

How long does it normally take to work and how long does it stay in the system?

Answered 12 November 2018

What is the drug Uptravi used for?

Answered 14 April 2019

Does ibuprofen reduce fever?

Answered 14 April 2019

How often can you take ibuprofen?

What is the maximum amount you can take?

Answered 20 November 2018

Acetaminophen vs ibuprofen: What is the difference?

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are both used for pain relief but which one is more effective and which one has fewer side effects?

Answered 5 November 2018

Monistat-1, white discharge and burning 3 days after use. Is this normal?

I used Monistat-1 on Tuesday night for a yeast infection before bed. It's not Friday and since then, I've been having a white, sort of grainy like discharge. It kind of smells sterile or like medicine. Is it the medicine coming out of me? Is this normal? And should I call my gynecologist? I just had my annual a little over a week ago and had no problems. Tested for STD's and STI's, all are negative. I did have bacterial vaginosis (BV) about a month ago and got a prescription for that. I also have a mild burning since having this new discharge. Help!

Answered 14 April 2019