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Medical Questions (Page 51)

How is Zilretta administered?

Answered 8 November 2017

What type of drug is Verzenio?

Answered 7 November 2017

Leg cramps and steroid injections. Is there a connection?

Had steroid injections in both knees and both hips. Four weeks later steroid injection in one shoulder. I'm a steroid machine! Shortly after, began interruptions 2-3 times nightly with painful leg cramps. Cramps sometimes occur in day along with hand cramps. I do stay hydrated and take high doses of magnesium (per my internist instructions) and calcium and eat 2 or 3 bananas a week.

Answered 17 December 2018

How is Mydayis different to Adderall XR?

Answered 13 November 2018

How do you take Solosec?

Answered 10 October 2017

What type of drug is Aliqopa?

Answered 10 October 2017

How is Kymriah administered?

Answered 10 October 2017

What is the cost of Kymriah?

Answered 10 October 2017