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In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

In the US, Nitazoxanide (nitazoxanide systemic) is a member of the drug class amebicides and is used to treat Amebiasis, Ascariasis, Cryptosporidiosis, Dwarf Tapeworm Infection (Hymenolepis nana) and Giardiasis.

US matches:



ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Anthelmintic agent

Antiprotozoal agent: Cryptosporidial

Chemical Names

{2-[(5-Nitro-2-tiazolyl)carbamoyl]phenyl}acetat (IUPAC)

Benzamide, 2-(acetyloxy)-N-(5-nitro-2-tiazolyl)-

N-(5-Nitro-2-tiazolyl)salicylamide acetate (ester) (WHO)

Salicylamide, N-(5-nitro-2-tiazolyl)-, acetate (ester)

Foreign Names

  • Nitazoxanidum (Latin)
  • Nitaxozanid (German)
  • Nitaxozanide (French)
  • Nitaxozanida (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Nitazoxanide (OS: USAN, DCF, BAN)
  • Adrovet (IS)
  • BRN 1225475 (IS)
  • DRG 0242 (IS)
  • EINECS 259-931-8 (IS)
  • Nodik (IS: UnipharmPharma)
  • Omniparax (IS: LabLopez)

Brand Names

  • Abanix
    Acromax, Ecuador
  • Alinia
    Romark, United States
  • Alinix
    Healthcare, Bangladesh
    Farmoquimica, Brazil
  • Antidiazox
    GNP, Egypt
  • Antizoa
    RAK, Bangladesh
  • Armbid-NT (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Armour, India
  • Atinid
    Bio-Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Bacter-NZ (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Cubit, India
  • Celectan
    Farma, Venezuela; Grupo Farma, Colombia; Grupo Farma, Ecuador; Grupo Farma, Peru
  • Colufase
    Roemmers, Ecuador; Roemmers, Peru
  • Coluquim
    Quilab, Peru
  • Cryptonaz
    Copad Egypte, Egypt
  • Daxon
    Siegfried, Mexico
  • Dexidex
    Lakeside, Mexico
  • Dianide
    General Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Diar
    ACI, Bangladesh
  • Flagynor (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    AHPL, India
  • Gintop
    Lafrancol, Ecuador
  • Givotan
    Roemmers, Colombia; Roemmers Centroamérica, Costa Rica; Roemmers Centroamérica, Guatemala; Roemmers Centroamérica, Honduras; Roemmers Centroamérica, Nicaragua; Roemmers Centroamérica, Panama; Roemmers Centroamérica, El Salvador
  • Inflobid-NXT (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Intra, India
  • Kazide
    Lafrancol, Colombia; Lafrancol, Peru
  • Mixel
    Laboratorios Siegfried, Colombia
  • Nanazoxid
    Utopia, Egypt
  • Navigator (veterinary use)
    IDEXX, United States
  • Niazid
    Apex, Bangladesh
  • Nicud
    Monico, Bangladesh
  • Nidozox
    Acme, Bangladesh
  • Nit Clean
    Western, Egypt
  • Nitanid
    Drug International, Bangladesh; Genetikapharma, Ecuador
  • Nitasis
    Navana, Bangladesh
  • Nitasol
    Ibn Sina, Bangladesh
  • Nitax
    Delta, Bangladesh
  • Nitaxel
    Swiss & North, Ecuador
  • Nitaxide
    Beximco, Bangladesh
  • Nitaxom
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Nitazode
    Andalous, Egypt
  • Nitazofin
    Bussié, Colombia; Bussié, Dominican Republic; Bussié, Guatemala; Bussié, Honduras
  • Nitazox
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Nitazoxanida Biodental
    Biodental, Ecuador
  • Nitazoxanida Farmandina
    Farmandina, Guatemala
  • Nitazoxanida Genamérica
    Genamerica, Ecuador
  • Nitazoxanida Genfar
    Genfar, Colombia
  • Nitazoxanida La Santé
    La Santé, Colombia; La Santé, Costa Rica; La Santé, Ecuador; La Santé, Honduras; La Santé, Nicaragua; La Santé, Panama; La Santé, El Salvador
  • Nitazoxanida MK
    MK, Colombia
  • Nitazoxanida Winthrop
    Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, Colombia
  • Nitazoxateg
    Laboratorio Tecnoquímicas, Guatemala; Laboratorio Tecnoquímicas, El Salvador
  • Nitelmin
    Basel, Ecuador
  • Nitoxin
    Aristopharma, Bangladesh
  • Nixoran
    Roemmers, Argentina
  • Nizanof (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Molekule, India
  • Nizatax
    Metlen, Ecuador
  • Nizonid
    Medicon, Bangladesh
  • Nizox
    Garmisch, Colombia
  • Nodik
    Unipharm, Costa Rica; Unipharm, Ecuador; Unipharm, Guatemala; Unipharm, Honduras; Unipharm, Nicaragua; Unipharm, Panama; Unipharm, El Salvador
  • Noxom
    Inti, Peru
  • Nozoa
    Micro Nova, India
  • NTZ
    Asiatic Lab, Bangladesh
  • Nytasoft
    Unimed, Peru
  • Nytax
    Procaps, Colombia
  • Obid-NT (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Radicura, India
  • Olpit-NZ (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Epitome, India
  • Osani-NT (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Sanify, India
  • Paramix
    Liomont, Costa Rica; Liomont, Dominican Republic; Liomont, Guatemala; Liomont, Mexico; Liomont, Panama; Liomont, El Salvador
  • Paraxin
    Chalver, Colombia; Laboratorios Chalver, Ecuador
  • Parazoxanide
    Ph. Care, Egypt
  • Protostop
    October Pharma, Egypt
  • Taxanida
    Labinco, Colombia
  • Toza
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Typhicure (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Treatwell, India
  • Xanita
    Renata, Bangladesh
  • Xerovirinc
    Minapharm, Egypt
  • Xnid
    Bio-Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Zenflox-NT (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Mankind, India
  • Zoana
    Orion, Bangladesh
  • Zotanixin
    Sanfer, Mexico
  • Zox
    Square, Bangladesh
  • Zoxakind-O (Nitazoxanide and Ofloxacin)
    Mankind, India
  • Zoxan
    Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Zoxanid
    Paill, Costa Rica; Paill, Dominican Republic; Paill, Guatemala; Paill, Honduras; Paill, Nicaragua; Paill, Panama; Paill, El Salvador


BANBritish Approved Name
DCFDénomination Commune Française
IUPACInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
ISInofficial Synonym
OSOfficial Synonym
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
USANUnited States Adopted Name
WHOWorld Health Organization

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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