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Chemical formula: C6H14O6
Drugbank ID: DB01638
ATC codes: A06AD18, A06AG07, V04CC01, B05CX02

The information below refers to products available in the United States that contain sorbitol.

Products containing sorbitol

sorbitol systemic

Brand name: Arlex
Drug class: laxatives

Sorbitol systemic is used in the treatment of:

sorbitol topical

Multi-ingredient medications containing sorbitol

charcoal/sorbitol systemic

Brand names: Actidose Plus Sorbitol, Insta-Char with Sorbitol, Liqui-Char with Sorbitol, Char-Flo with Sorbitol
Drug class: antidotes

Charcoal/sorbitol systemic is used in the treatment of:

mannitol/sorbitol topical

Drug class: sterile irrigating solutions

Chemical structure

Chemical structure of sorbitol

Further information

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