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Chemical formula: C11H16N2O2
Drugbank ID: DB01085
ATC codes: S01EB51, S01EB01, N07AX01

The information below refers to products available in the United States that contain pilocarpine.

Products containing pilocarpine

pilocarpine systemic

Brand name: Salagen
Drug class: cholinergic agonists

Pilocarpine systemic is used in the treatment of:

pilocarpine ophthalmic

Brand names: Vuity, Pilocar, Isopto Carpine, Piloptic-6, Pilopine HS
Drug class: ophthalmic glaucoma agents

Pilocarpine ophthalmic is used in the treatment of:

Multi-ingredient medications containing pilocarpine

betaxolol/pilocarpine ophthalmic

Brand name: Betoptic Pilo

epinephrine/pilocarpine ophthalmic

Brand names: E-Pilo-1, P1E1, P2E1, P3E1, E-Pilo-4
Drug class: ophthalmic glaucoma agents

Chemical structure

Chemical structure of pilocarpine

Further information

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