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Antipyrine (Ingredient)

Chemical formula: C11H12N2O
Drugbank ID: DB01435
ATC codes: N02BB51, N02BB01, N02BB71, S02DA03

The information below refers to products available in the United States that contain antipyrine.

Multi-ingredient medications containing antipyrine

acetic acid/antipyrine/benzocaine/polycosanol otic

Brand names: Auralgan, Otic Edge, Treagan, PR Otic
Drug class: otic anesthetics

Acetic acid/antipyrine/benzocaine/polycosanol otic is used in the treatment of:

Products containing antipyrine

antipyrine/benzocaine otic

Brand names: Allergen, A/B Otic, Aurax, Otic Care, OtiLam
Drug class: otic anesthetics

Antipyrine/benzocaine otic is used in the treatment of:

antipyrine/benzocaine/phenylephrine otic

Brand names: Otogesic, Tympagesic, Chlorphenylcaine
Drug class: otic anesthetics

antipyrine/benzocaine/zinc acetate otic

Brand names: Otozin, Neotic
Drug class: otic anesthetics

Antipyrine/benzocaine/zinc acetate otic is used in the treatment of:

Chemical structure

Chemical structure of antipyrine

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