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Emerphed FDA Approval History

Last updated by Judith Stewart, BPharm on June 24, 2020.

FDA Approved: Yes (First approved April 17, 2020)
Brand name: Emerphed
Generic name: ephedrine sulfate
Dosage form: Injection
Company: Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Treatment for: Hypotension

Emerphed (ephedrine sulfate) is a ready-to-use formulation of the approved pressor agent ephedrine indicated for the treatment of clinically important hypotension occurring in the setting of anesthesia.

  • Emerphed is a pre-mixed formulation that does not require any dilution before administration. Pre-mixed formulations save staff valuable time in the OR setting, and also reduce the potential for preparation error and waste.
  • Emerphed is administered as an intravenous bolus injection.
  • Common adverse reactions include nausea, vomiting, and tachycardia.

Development timeline for Emerphed

Apr 21, 2020Approval  FDA Approves Emerphed (ephedrine sulfate) Ready-to-Use Injection for Hypotension During Anesthesia

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