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Guaifenesin-phenylpropanolamine HCl Images

What does Guaifenesin-phenylpropanolamine HCl look like?

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Results for "Guaifenesin-phenylpropanolamine HCl"

Guaifenesin-Phenylpropanolamine HCl S L 522

S L 522


Drug: Guaifenesin-Phenylpropanolamine HCl
Strength: 400 mg-75 mg
Pill Imprint: S L 522
Color: Green
Shape: Elliptical / Oval

Dura-Vent DURA 7.5 7.5

DURA 7.5 7.5


Drug: Dura-Vent
Strength: 600 mg / 75 mg
Pill Imprint: DURA 7.5 7.5
Color: White
Shape: Elliptical / Oval

Guaifenesin and phenylpropanolamine dp 295

dp 295


Drug: Guaifenesin and phenylpropanolamine
Strength: 400 mg / 75 mg
Pill Imprint: dp 295
Color: Blue
Shape: Elliptical / Oval

Ami-tex LA AO 58

AO 58


Drug: Ami-tex LA
Strength: 400 MG-75 MG
Pill Imprint: AO 58
Color: Blue / White
Shape: Elliptical / Oval

Ami-Tex LA A 058

A 058

Drug: Ami-Tex LA
Strength: 400 mg / 75 mg
Pill Imprint: A 058
Color: Blue

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