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Cordarone (amiodarone HCl)

Audience: Cardiologists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals

FDA and Wyeth notified pharmacists and physicians of a new Medication Guide for Cordarone (amiodarone hydrochloride tablets). The FDA regulation 21CFR 208 requires a Medication Guide to be provided with each prescription that is dispensed for products that FDA determines pose a serious and significant public health concern. A list of currently approved Medication Guides are available at The Medication Guide and current Prescribing Information for Cordarone and its generic equivalents are also provided below.

[December 30, 2004 - Dear Healthcare Professional Letter - Wyeth] PDF Format
[December 30, 2004 - Dear Pharmacist Letter - Wyeth] PDF Format
[December, 2004 - Label - Wyeth]
[December, 2004 - Medication Guide - Wyeth]