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Anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agents

What are Anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agents

Anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agents act as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) antagonists. When retinal pigment cells become ischemic and dry up VEGF stimulates generation of new blood vessels by a process called neovascularization. During the generation of new blood vessels in the retina, if the blood vessels do not generate properly it causes leaking. This can lead to loss of vision.

Anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agents are used to stop neovascularization in age related macular degeneration.

List of Anti-angiogenic ophthalmic agents:

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Macugen (Pro, More...)
generic name: pegaptanib
1 review
Eylea (Pro, More...)
generic name: aflibercept
11 reviews
Lucentis (Pro, More...)
generic name: ranibizumab
9 reviews

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