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Ear Foreign Body


An ear foreign body is an object that is stuck in your ear. Foreign bodies are usually trapped in the outer ear canal. This is the tube from the opening of your ear to your eardrum.



  • Steroid cream: This medicine helps decrease redness and swelling.
  • Antibiotics: This medicine is given to help treat or prevent an infection caused by bacteria.
  • Take your medicine as directed. Contact your healthcare provider if you think your medicine is not helping or if you have side effects. Tell him of her if you are allergic to any medicine. Keep a list of the medicines, vitamins, and herbs you take. Include the amounts, and when and why you take them. Bring the list or the pill bottles to follow-up visits. Carry your medicine list with you in case of an emergency.

Follow up with your healthcare provider or otolaryngologist as directed:

Write down your questions so you remember to ask them during your visits.

Contact your healthcare provider or otolaryngologist if:

  • You have a fever.
  • You have trouble hearing, or you hear ringing.
  • You have questions or concerns about your condition or care.

Return to the emergency department if:

  • You have severe ear pain.
  • You have pus or blood draining from your ear.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

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