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Breastfeeding Twins

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jul 7, 2024.

Why should I breastfeed my twins?

Breast milk provides the best nutrition for your twins. Twins are often born early and may have a low birthweight. Preterm babies are at higher risk for health problems, such as infections. Breast milk helps protect your babies from infection. It may also decrease your babies' risk for allergies and other medical conditions, such as asthma and diabetes.

How do I hold my twins to breastfeed them?

You can breastfeed one baby at a time or both at the same time. Sit in a comfortable chair with arm and back support. A pillow made for breastfeeding twins can help support your arms and the babies' heads. You may want to ask someone to help you position your twins. Try different positions to find what works best for you and your babies:

How do I breastfeed my twins?

Bring 1 baby to each of your breasts. Hold each baby's head to help him or her latch onto your breast. Bring each baby's lower lip to the areola (dark area around the nipple) first. Each baby should have as much of an areola in his or her mouth as he or she is able to get. When each baby is latched on, you should feel as if he or she will not separate from the breast easily. Allow each baby to breastfeed for as long as he or she is able. Do not set any time limits for how long each baby should feed.

Correct Latch-on Breastfeeding

How often should I breastfeed my twins?

Your twins may let you know when they are ready to breastfeed. They may be more awake and moving more. They may put their hands up to their mouths. Crying is normally a late sign that your twins are hungry. You should breastfeed your twins between 8 and 12 times each day. This includes waking to breastfeed your twins during the night. Ask your healthcare provider about the best ways to wake your baby. If a baby is sleeping and it is time to feed, lightly rub your finger across his or her lips.

Will I make enough breast milk to feed my twins?

The more often you breastfeed your twins, the more milk you will make. You may need to pump milk from your breasts if your twins do not empty your breasts during feedings. You can also pump breast milk to help increase the amount of milk you make. You can store the pumped breast milk and use it later if you are away from your twins and cannot breastfeed. Pump your breast milk every 3 to 4 hours while you are away from your twins to keep up your milk supply.

What can I do to prevent breastfeeding problems?

How can I care for myself while I am breastfeeding twins?

Where can I find support and more information about breastfeeding twins?

When should I seek immediate care?

When should I contact my healthcare provider?

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