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Pregnancy - I concieved my son while having a course of zoladex injections. I had five injections?

Posted 5 Feb 2013 by Samanthacudjoe 2 answers

... and didn't know I was pregnant until I was approx 17 weeks. Is there anyone else that has concieved on this drug and is everything normal with their child? Do they have any disabilities or learning problems

Does zoladex stop your periods?

Posted 13 Mar 2011 by Mazza1980 3 answers

I've started 6 mth zoladex inj to treat endometriosis. had my first injection 6 days ago and started bleeding heavily yesterday, pain has been so severe i nearly asked my husband to take me to hospital. taken diclofenac and cocodamol and it is slightly better. I thought zoladex stopped periods ...

How long does Zoladex take to kick in?

Posted 1 Dec 2015 by Jenwhit1967 1 answer

I am 48 years old and had a hysterectomy in 2000. I have been very poorly for coming up a year and have had various procedures to determine what the problem is. I had a colonoscopy which the endoscopist queried endometriosis. The consultant has prescribed Zoladex for the initial period of six ...

How can you tell if you get pregnant while taking zoladex?

Posted 21 Sep 2009 by jfail 1 answer

My nurse told me no need in using any contraception because i couldn't get pregnant.

Zoladex - why have my periods returned?

Posted 26 Dec 2011 by Mishyb 2 answers

Given zoladex via implant every 30 days for 6 months for endemetriosis in The pouch of Douglas. Periods stopped for all that time but have just returned with a vengeance!!! When I saw my consultant two months ago he told me that the ovaries would be well and truly dead/shrunk and will not work ...

Psoriatic Arthritis - any advice for dealing with the pain and side effects from methotrexate?

Posted 25 Aug 2010 by szs 2 answers

I have been recently diagnosed with PA, but have had treatment for breast cancer twice. Do people have any good advice for newbies? The pain has been relentless. I'm doing methotrexate 10 mg plus all the follow up cancer stuff (zoladex and aromasin). Anyone notice weird side effects from ...

Fibroids / Zoladex - when will my period return, has anyone had kids after Zoladex?

Posted 19 Jun 2011 by Jen jen 1 answer

Hi I'm 26 and for 8 yrs I've been through so much due to a fibroid I was passed from doc to doc finally I got the help I needed I was put on zoladex in January this yr the injection did nothing for me besides the side affects of it I under went an op to remove the fibroid my fiancé ...

Breast cancer 4 years ago, now bone cancer, being treated with Zoladex, will periods return?

Posted 13 Jul 2011 by collett 2 answers

Have pain in bone joints, seat bones and big knot in the stomach, with constipation and diahorrea. 3 months into treatment. Period stopped and plenty of hot flushes. Have not had this months injection. Will period return as only 43 yrs old

Side effects 3 yrs after zoladex stopped?

Posted 22 Jul 2012 by laurenhynde 1 answer

I was on zoladex for 2 years for the treatment of endometriosis - I was under a specialist and as it was working well he decided to keep me on it. I suffered from various side effects including lowered libido and hot flushes, but put up with them. I came off zoladex 3 years ago and went straight ...

I am on zoladex implants and my hair is falling out can this be because of the zoladex?

Posted 18 Nov 2012 by lisamo4tony 1 answer

i have been on them for about 2 years or more and its getting worse , what can i do if it is the treatment and will my hair grow back.

Zoladex - is it normal to bleed on and off while on this?

Posted 12 Feb 2013 by smile2me 1 answer

I am on zoladex and took my third injection last week yet experience some on and off bleeding. Is it normal to bleed on zoladex.thanks sunetra

Pain during zoladex, seeking advice from people who have experienced zoladex?

Posted 17 Jul 2013 by carapippa 2 answers

Hello was just curious if anyone could give me advice on if what i am experiencing is normal.. i am 20 years old and new to all this really. I was diagnosed with endo last year, and has a laporoscipy to remove it from my pelvis and abdomen, I have been on zoladex for 5 month And I am due to have my ...

I want to be pregnant after my 3 shot of my zoladex injection,please whot will I do?

Posted 3 Sep 2014 by maryjacinta 1 answer

I am 42yrs old with left tubal blockage and right hydro-sphinx, I just had tubal surgery to correct it after which I had 3 shot of injection zoladex at 4weeks menses just started after 10weeks of the Dr want my to don a HSSG. Will all work for me.

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