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Which drug is better - Simvastatin or Lipitor? Which does less damage to the body?

Posted 13 Aug 2009 by tyrkeltaubbella 7 answers

I was prescribed Lipitor by my physician. But I heard that Simvastatin (Zocor) has less of a negative effect on the body than Lipitor. Is it true?

I need to take another medication that I can't take Simvastatin (Zocor) with. How long does it take?

Posted 9 Dec 2015 by Clubmudslide 2 answers

... for the Simvastatin (Zocor) to get out of my system completely so I can take the other drug? This is very important because the drug I am going to be taking is going to be prescribed by a specialist and the Simvastatin (Zocor) was prescribed by my primary care physician.

Is viagra safe to take after bypass surgery?

Posted 10 Feb 2010 by buddyrow 1 answer

Six months ago I had triple bypass surgery,all went great no other problems or complactions.I do not take nitrates,but I am on zocor and blood pressure medication,toprol.Fifty year old with no other health issues . Maybe the blood pressure meds or something I dont know but things just dont seem to ...

Muscle pain in large muscles upper arms, back of legs?

Posted 24 Nov 2012 by deena1 2 answers

I've been taking Zocor and have stopped per my doc. Had some blood work done already and it all came back fine except the inflamation blood test was a little high.

So Im taking lisinopril with Norvasc as well as Zocor,and Im having swollen ankles muscle cramps?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by Jon bp 1 answer

... , feeli like im going to pass out and at times and overall misery,my doctor is very dissmisive about it having anything to do with my meds and basically ignores what im saying ,im disgusted and ready to stop taking them all together lisinopril 10 mg twice a day Norvasc 10 mg a day and the Zocor ...

What foods are you not suppose to eat with Cymbalta?

Posted 12 Apr 2011 by dmkrupa 2 answers

It was on the news, that you can't eat grapefruit, while taking zocor. If you eat grapefruit alo,t like my mom, it can kill you.


Posted 20 Dec 2014 by sweetAlabama49 2 answers

... Excellent..Why am I taking 40 mg. Zocor..There are days I can barely walk..Leg pain is really will I know if i stopped taking this med. To know if this is ny problem?

Are 20mg. Lipitor and 40mg. Zocor essentially the same?

Posted 20 Feb 2011 by 13Matt 1 answer

I changed Drs. and my new one doesn't care for Lipitor (not sure why). He said he preferred tp prescribe Zocor and, since my lab work was pending and I was out of meds, he reached into a desk drawer and pulled a small booklet out and cross referenced what a like dose of Zocor would be to 20mg. ...

Spacing drugs?

Posted 23 Mar 2014 by dollcesa 1 answer

How much time should I put between taking ExForge HCT & Zocor? I am spacing four hours apart. Is this sufficient?

Are all citrus fruits to be excluded from diet when Zocor is prescribed?

Posted 16 Mar 2013 by orbis 2 answers

I appreciate that grapefruit is not to be eaten, but may oranges be eaten?

Can I take aspirin with Zocor, D3, Flaxseed oil, folic acid?

Posted 6 Aug 2013 by paulareynolds 1 answer

I have just started to takes D3 Flaxseed oil folic acid

Can Zocor cause increased heart rate?

Posted 6 May 2013 by msm123 1 answer

Husband has had stents placed and now on new meds and has a rash, what could be causing it?

Posted 30 Jul 2012 by DeborahVann 2 answers

Side Effect - Looking for help for my husband. He had medicated stints placed on Thursday. He has since come home and gotten severe rash over his entire body. The put him on Plavix, Lisinorpil, Matroprolol, & Zocor. Looks like the Lisinopril could be the problem or even the Plavix. We have been ...

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