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Yellow Fever Vaccine Questions


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I just took the yellow fever vaccine, is it OK to drink alcohol in a few hours or should I waittill?

Posted 16 Aug 2016 by Rowmii 1 answer

... the next day? Craving a glass of wine

Yellow Fever Vaccine - are there restrictions about any food items or alcohol after yellow fever?

Posted 4 Jun 2011 by purushottam.lohiya 1 answer

... vaccination if yes why for and how long ?

I wrongly received yellow fever vaccine in 8 months. will that affect me in anyway?

Posted 5 Oct 2009 by Tokor 1 answer

I wrongly gave my 18 months old baby yellow fever vaccine twice in 8 months will that affect him in anyway?

Had Yellow Fever Vaccine & Flu shot - next day diarrhea and vomiting - is this from the vaccines?

Posted 21 Jan 2011 by poodles 1 answer

Today is Friday - I received the vaccine on Tuesday. Was extremely tired rest of day and following day. I woke up early this am w/diarriah and vomiting. I also receive the flu shot at the same time. Any chance what I have is a reaction to one or both or do I just have the flu?

Yellow Fever Vaccine - if u have lupus,and u already took the yellow fever vaccination whatdo nyou?

Posted 17 Aug 2009 by roxydime18 1 answer

what happens if you take a yellow fever vaccination and you have lupus

Myself and my husband are going to Zanzibar in february and have to have the yellow fever vaccine. I

Posted 13 Nov 2009 by Cheri-Lee 2 answers

... was planning on falling pregnant . Would it be safe for me to get the caccine???

Yellow Fever Vaccine - Anybody know of Yellow Fever vaccinations and reactions to medicines and CRPS

Posted 22 Jul 2012 by Lyn n Alfie 2 answers

CRPS medicines..Naproxen,morphine, amitriptyline,mst continus morphine,Zo morph, Pregabalin,Omeprazole and any adverse reactions when having Yellow fever vaccine and anti malaria tablets..and CRPS

Yellow Fever Vaccine - I suffered at least half of the serious side effects listed of the vaccine?

Posted 14 Oct 2009 by ingridfj60 1 answer

... but did not report it due to other circumstances at the time. I was extremely dizzy, confused, aching, sleepy, tearfull and suffering horrendous vertigo from day 3 after vaccination. Does that sound like a reaction?

I took yellow fever vaccine , 14 days ago..I am 65 otherwise good health.. I have been sick for 13?

Posted 7 Aug 2011 by trex1946 1 answer

... days.. Feels like flu skin hurts, back of eyes guts hurt, exc.. what to do ? Phil.

Yellow Fever Vaccine - I plan on getting yellow fever shot, should there be any concern about being?

Posted 31 Aug 2013 by Wmaurer 1 answer

... around or in contact with a new born child? My daughter gave birth 4 days ago and I was told that because of the undeveloped immune system in infants, contact with or simple exposure to someone who has the live vaccine in their system can transmit to an infant. Is that accurate?

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