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Xerostomia Questions

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Wanting to take out my nuvaring early due to side effects?

Posted 9 Jan 2014 by ihatethistown88 2 answers

I was wondering what would happen if I took out my nuvaring 2 weeks early. I have been on it for about 3 months, ever since I started taking it, I have had very bad xerostomia, some depression and anxiety, low sex drive. I am finally fed up with these side effects and can't take it any longer. ...

Is rage/anger normal with Wellbutrin?

Posted 20 Nov 2017 by pausej 3 answers

I have been on Wellbutrin for 2 weeks, and have had mostly negative side effects, like insomnia, irritability, dry mouth, agitation, racing thoughts and now within the past couple days, I am experiencing extreme rage and emotional instability. I am angry or agitated at the most simplest of things, ...

Contrave side effects?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by emarriee 11 answers

Hi, I am on week two of Contrave. I dont have any side effects of nausea or dizziness like I have read. The only thing that I am seeing as of now is having a dry mouth and bad taste all the time. Anyone else having this SE?

Neurontin, Gabapentin - anyone have a severe dry mouth on this?

Posted 31 Jul 2012 13 answers

I awaken in the middle of the night with my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth. I know how incredibly disgusting that sounds, but it feels as if I've eaten school glue! (My breath must be really sweet and probably smells of roses) This is not a huge problem, just annoying, and the benefits ...

Which medications cause dry mouth?

Posted 3 days ago by Vickiegarcia91 0 answers

Taking amitriptyline for about three weeks first four days at 10mg and the last two weeks at 20mg?

Posted 14 days ago by Mikelowery3000 1 answer

The medicine is working but I’m having side effects. Dry mouth, vivid dreams, muscle aches, and eye twitching but my pain is about 90% gone in only three weeks. Should I try going down to 10mg and see if it’s effective at that dose or just stay at 20mg and hope the side effects subside.

Transderm-Scop - What do I do about dry mouth?

Posted 20 Feb 2018 by trnewlin 0 answers

I started using the patch for my cruises about 4 to 5 years ago I was left with a dry mouth and each time I use the patches for a cruise my mouth gets dryer and never bounces back

I’ve been giving my dog Benadryl for itching. I realized it is giving her dry mouth. Should I?

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by Karen in Kentucky 0 answers

... stop giving it to her and when will she recover from dry mouth. I gave it to her at 6 am and it’s now 4pm and she’s still acting like she has dry mouth. I’ve been giving it to her on and off for the past month and only half of a 25 mg pill. She weighs 35 pounds. But the last ...

Does Clomipramine cause anyone else's taste buds to go numb?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by MommaDe 0 answers

I'm taking Clomipramine for Cataplexy, depression and OCD. I am experiencing the muscle twitches and full body jerks and dry mouth. The one side effect that bothers me is my sense of taste is screwed up. Sometimes things taste like soap, sometimes there is a metallic taste in my mouth and all ...

Effexor - Racing heart. Dry mouth?

Posted 21 Dec 2017 1 answer

I just started Effexor and Remeron, the so-called “California Rocket Fuel”. I’m wondering if the side effects will taper off. I am taking 75 mg Effexor XR and 45 mg Remeron. I don’t really notice anything psychological except feeling calmly energized. I’m taking it for ...

How is one able to come off bupropion XL 150mg?

Posted 5 Dec 2017 by mollyandmacy 924 2 answers

I feel that possibility that this is the Rx causing so many side effects. Dry mouth, spinning thoughts, restless legs, insomnia

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