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Wanting to take out my nuvaring early due to side effects?

Posted 9 Jan 2014 by ihatethistown88 2 answers

I was wondering what would happen if I took out my nuvaring 2 weeks early. I have been on it for about 3 months, ever since I started taking it, I have had very bad xerostomia, some depression and anxiety, low sex drive. I am finally fed up with these side effects and can't take it any longer. ...

Contrave side effects?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by emarriee 11 answers

Hi, I am on week two of Contrave. I dont have any side effects of nausea or dizziness like I have read. The only thing that I am seeing as of now is having a dry mouth and bad taste all the time. Anyone else having this SE?

I'm excited to be starting Saxenda?

Posted 4 days ago by Gill-O-66 0 answers

When is the best time and site to inject. And are there any tips that can help with the nausea and dry mouth. Please help, I am so excited

Due to feeling over sedated in the mornings I asked my Dr to half my dosage of trazedone?

Posted 4 Jul 2017 by barrya30 1 answer

It worked initially and even improved the side effect of dry mouth. It's been about 2 months or more. Now I am sleeping more even taking naps. Also feeling tired and exhausted all the time. Feeling a little down and some anxiety. Not wanting to do anything even stuff I enjoy. I hate sitting ...

Latuda and muscle jerks? Hi Latuda works great but I get jerks and twitches that really bother me?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by luke uno 1 answer

things like Cogentin are out of the question because I already have horrible dry mouth so has anybody have experience with dopamine agonists like Pramipexole or other Parkinson's type medications that may control this?

Is this Dry Mouth sympthom?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by highwingers 1 answer

I am taking Effexor, recently increased my dose and i am having trouble talking. When I talk..its like my chin and tounge goes downwards (Backward)... kind of weird feeling when I talk.

Does carvedilol and losartan cause these side effects... dry mouth, dehydration, tongue pain?

Posted 13 Jun 2017 by Annalo24 0 answers

My husband's Dr increased his carvedilol to two a day. The Dr also added losartan. My husband has been experiencing dry mouth and dehydration and his tongue hurts and looks awful. Could this be caused from the new meds regime?

Amitiza - Question is, how long does it take before this stuff clears out from my system?

Posted 6 Jun 2017 by Tim Sanders 0 answers

Was placed on Amitiza 24 mcg and almost immediately experienced coughing, dry mouth, tiredness, and swelling of ankles. Looked up side affects and found all of them listed. Question is, how long does it take before this stuff clears out from my system? I stopped taking 3 days ago and my feet still ...

I am taking cevimeline 30mg 3x per day for dry mouth (due to radioactive iodine and chemotherapy) if

Posted 13 Jun 2017 by p schneider 0 answers

... this works when should I start noticing results

Dry mouth issues trying to figure out if it's from one of my meds?

Posted 26 May 2017 by rblack28 1 answer

I am trying to find out if dry mouth is a side effect of any of the meds I am on. Can you please let me know?

Neurontin, Gabapentin - anyone have a severe dry mouth on this?

Posted 31 Jul 2012 11 answers

I awaken in the middle of the night with my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth. I know how incredibly disgusting that sounds, but it feels as if I've eaten school glue! (My breath must be really sweet and probably smells of roses) This is not a huge problem, just annoying, and the benefits ...

Can I just stop taking indapamide, or wean myself off?

Posted 23 Mar 2017 by Boulderbolder 0 answers

I take Losartan for high blood pressure, and I feel the indapamide is causing me to have real dry mouth, and eyes.

Have stopped smoking on Champix. Brilliant! However, been taking tablet 7 weeks?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by jill cupcake 1 answer

It's making me feel so sick and have a very sore dry mouth. Wanted to cut the dose in half or just take am tablet. Any advice please

Do the side effects of taking Vesicare occur instantly or can they develop after you have been on?

Posted 22 Mar 2017 by Gazoot 0 answers

... the medication for some time? No problems at first but lately have had ongoing constipation, some breathing difficulties, tiredness, feeling hot all the time, dry mouth and some blurring of vision.

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