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So this is my first yeast infection?

Posted 14 Feb 2014 by ariamarie79 1 answer

And I got the Walgreen's version if Monistat-1 . I inserted it before I went to bed last night, but when I woke up this morning, it still feels like the capsule is still there. Is that normal? How can I tell if the medication is working? Or that I inserted it correctly?

If my grandpa takes 300mg gabapentin and still has an old 600mg script can both be filled?

Posted 13 days ago by ash1121 1 answer

My grandpa takes 300mg gabapentin and was prescribed 600mg instead to help more. He decided to go back down to 300mg but was filling the 600mg in between. He uses Walgreens and the pharmacist called his doctor to see which one he should be on he said 300mg and now he has to wait 30 days in between ...

How many tbsp is 325 mg of liquid tylenol. Bottle says 500 mg?

Posted 15 Aug 2016 by judimurray 0 answers

May aunt who is on chemo & has a feeding tube, was told to take 325 mg of liquid tylenol. She has a feeding tube. Walgreens liquid brand is extra strength 500 mg. Thanks

Uniphyl - Are there any production problems with THEOPHYLLINE ER 200 MG tablets?

Posted 20 Jan 2016 by susieo1 1 answer

2 of my pharmacies(CVS & Walgreen's) have had problems with giving me my full prescriptions, in the past few months. Both of these store's pharmacies have told me they will "be checking into this"(will check other manufacturers, etc..), but I am getting nervous, as to why ...

Walgreens filled a prescription with a OTC Niacin SR. Claimed it was Niacin ER to Aetna & was appr?

Posted 9 Apr 2016 by Prussell2016 1 answer

Aetna says my prescription was filled. My doctor says Walgreens did not fill the prescription as written (gave me an OCT versus an approved drug). The Walgreens Pharmacist comment is they are all the same. I am now trying to get my prescription bypassing Aetna and using a coupon from Abbott so I ...

Lacrisert - Lacraserts!! Where are they???

Posted 25 Feb 2016 by Constance27 0 answers

I am running out! And my cobra insurance is over in 3 days. Help!!! Please!!! I cannot get lacraserts after 3 years with my pharmacist! Walgreens cannot get it. It's been 3 weeks since I renewed prescription and it is not coming in. Panicking, because these little pellets are the only thing ...

I have found that I do better on a particular brand of Atenolol 25 mg. How can I find it?

Posted 21 Jan 2016 by dmateraz 1 answer

... Aurobindo brand but no pharmacy in my area of So California seems to carry this. I originally had to gt an emergency 30 day prescription in Oregon at a Walgreen's but they no longer use that manufacturer. Any suggestions. I am getting rapid heartbeats on the TEVA brand and did not on the ...

I was never diagnosed with Diabetes I have many blood tests due to Hashimoto. I started 100 mg 3 X?

Posted 28 Jan 2016 by Faith2916 2 answers

in Nov 05 2015. On 12-13 -15 Increased Gabapentin 400 3 X a day. That week was woken up trying to breath. Called Walgreens my prescriptions were ok. The night of 12-20-15 went into a coma EMT thought over dose used Narcan. I felt like I was electrocuted Out of nearly 2 days That's all I ...

Anyone know what walgreens brand pill is that comes in a foil pack of 15 plain white capsules?

Posted 10 Dec 2015 by dw1244 1 answer

it came in a box but i dont have it, there are no markings on the capsule, it is like old tylenol, two pieces that push together. the number 43529118 is stamped inthe foil generic sinus?

Levonorgestrel - Take action pill and getting your period just 5 days after taking it?

Posted 24 Aug 2015 by Mistakeshappen 0 answers

I am 26 / 5'2 and 145 lbs. My last period was on 8/12 and lasted till 8/16, my accident happened on 8/18 and when I say accident he completely came in me . Immediately after I went to Walgreen's and bought the generic Plan B called Take action. The next day I had just come light spotting ...

I see on the bottom of my tube of Cushion Grip you make it?

Posted 2 Aug 2014 by Beverly Brown 2 answers

How can I get some more? No one stocks it--not Walgreens--Walmart--Target--I got some from an online drug store but cannot find them. Can you help me find some?

Super scared!!! please help?

Posted 28 Apr 2015 by Planhoping 2 answers

Me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom had broke. I rushed to Walgreens and bought plan b and took it maybe 20 minutes after .. Thing is I took plan b about 2 months ago and I just want to know what are my chances ? Is it ok to take plan b a second time

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