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Can I get any stories about tramadol (Ultram) thank you?

Posted 6 May 2010 by gwhoward0 16 answers

I'm a 49 year old male, I have a 30 year experience in the Paramedicine and multiple degrees in Emergency medicine, and became addicted to tramadol after a Back injury, I 'm trying to gain stories and information. I'm in the process of trying to get involved to get help to those so ...

How long does it take for Elavil to get into your system?

Posted 28 Jun 2012 by skinny77 5 answers

I started Elavil 50mg monday and I have been a walking zombie and have been very depressed. I have never experienced depression. My pain even seems to have worsen instead of getting better. Is this normal?

Problems ejaculating - CITALOPRAM?

Posted 27 Feb 2011 by afraidofbeingalone 3 answers

Urgent - Good evening people, I am writing this tonight to seek an answer to ( in the eyes of anybody whos in love) eyes. I am a 20 years old male and due to certain factors in my life story, my doctor has prescribed me with Citalopram 20mg, i started off (as suggested with half a tablet 10mg for ...

Paxil for social anxiety.

Posted 16 days ago by Janetteconnor 1 answer

I take Paxil (paroxetine) for social anxiety I was taking 20 mg for 6 weeks and i noticed some improvements but then I upped my dose to 40 mg 1 week ago. I feel numb and very tired and sleepy Should I return to 20mg or wait some more?

I have vulvodynia as a result of herpetic neauralgia. Is capsaicin safe for me to use?

Posted 27 Mar 2011 by Lin52 7 answers

This ongoing burning pain all over my vaginal area is crippling and my doctor doesn't seem to know what to do. This pain is constant, I am not talking about outbreaks, just a constant burning and itching. I saw capsaicin mentioned as a treatment online and was wondering if it is safe to use ...

Strattera /atomoxetine effects migraines? weight gain/ loss? sex dysf in females?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by brooke monet 3 answers

I have problems remaining focused on task and some depression. I tried lexapro and it gave very bad headaches and had to discontinue use before I could note any improvement. looking for someone who had taken Strattera

How long can I use Hiprex tablets?

Posted 26 Mar 2018 by charlotteemily 1 answer

Hiprex was prescribed by my urologist to prevent urinary tract infections for which I had been hospitalized twice and had delirium with the infections leading to amnesia. It was very bad as the urinary infections led to septicaemia. I almost died twice so I was put on Hiprex for prevention of ...

Is carbamazepine a narcotic?

Posted 18 Feb 2013 by UserIsMyName 1 answer

Peripheral Neuropathy - Just reached daily dose of 3000 mg Gabapentin for pelvic floor neural damage

Posted 26 Mar 2014 by Withershinstill 2 answers

Just reached daily dose of 3000 mg Gabapentin to treat pelvic floor pain from fall on ice 3-1/2 years ago (3600 mg is goal). (Had surgery for spinal stenosis 14 or 15 months ago.) Learned, however, 4 days ago of family member's wedding 3 days from now and invitation to come. Trip is really too ...

Will amitriptyline cure my vulvodynia?

Posted 3 Oct 2018 by Megan000 1 answer

I am currently taking 75mg of amitriptyline for three weeks and I haven’t seen any relief yet. How long does it take for amitriptyline to get rid of pain? My doc told me I could up my dose to 100mg at night. I’ve seen a few comments that amitriptyline cured some people, I have constant ...

What works for vulvodynia? I've been on Nortryptaline for years, before that elavil?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by Beverly Van Hal 1 answer

I want to know what will cure vulvodynia

I have Vulvodynia and have tried many different fixes, none have worked yet. Any suggestions?

Posted 22 Oct 2009 by sweetsonggirl 2 answers

I have been suffering from vulvadynia for the last 5 years. It started out to be a sporadic pain that only lasted for a day or two, but snow balled into 24/7 excruciating pain. I had been misdiagnosed (any where from yeast infections to one doctor suggesting i had vaginal eczema to female ...

Can Amitritylene cause or contribute to cystitis?

Posted 24 Oct 2009 by jennifish 2 answers

I've been taking amitriptyline for just over a year for chronic neck pain from multi-level disk herniation and depression. I recently began to experience cystitis symptoms. In reading the side effects information, I noticed that it lists trouble urinating. My cystitis symptoms consist ...

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