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Vitamin / Mineral Supplementation during Pregnancy / Lactation Questions

We found 8 questions associated with the 'Vitamin / Mineral Supplementation during Pregnancy / Lactation' topic.

Prenatabs FA - Why does it make me dizzy?

Posted 24 Jan 2016 by ACJ83 0 answers

My first week taking this and soon after I started to get dizzy and weak?

Vitamin Deficiency - Live in South Africa. Lots of sun exposure, bloodcount vit d of 8! Been to a?

Posted 9 Oct 2013 by km123 1 answer

I've got a vit d bloodcount of 8! Been to a rumatologist, severe pain in bones and ligaments. Trying to understand how I could be so deficient of vit d, even though we live in South Africa with lots of sun exposure. Has no other medical conditions.

Does anyone know the breakdown of ingredients in Zatean PN DHA?

Posted 8 Oct 2012 by MBosse03 1 answer

My doctor prescribed it and I just want to confirm I'm receiving the proper amount of folic acid?

Zatean-Pn DHA?

Posted 10 Feb 2011 by nini920 3 answers

I got my prescription this month for Zatean-Pn DHA and there is brown spots all over the pill is there something wrong with the pill? I am 16 weeks and I am nervous to take the pills and the pharamcy is very rude when I ask them about it and they say that they were not like that when they filled ...

Can you take geritol and fertilaid for women and fertilCM together? fertilaid is all natural?

Posted 12 Apr 2010 by beautiiful 1 answer

i have been taking fertilaid for women and fertilCM for a month and a couple days now. it knocked my period on in the first couple days of taking it! i was so excited to see my period. its supposed to come on again today but we will see! i want to get pregnant now but im trying to be patient!!! its ...

What is iron powder extract?

Posted 28 Nov 2010 by Fernando De Lucca 3 answers

Periodontitis - I need some advise please. I am a general dentist who saw a 40yo female patient for?

Posted 25 Oct 2009 by Muffette 1 answer

... a routine dental exam where her CPITN readings were 121 in the upper and 111 in the lower arch. She had given birth to her first baby two months prior. She then presented 15 months later with CPITN readings of 443 (U) and 343 (L). Is there any evidence linking breast feeding to this degree of ...

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