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Vitamin B12 Questions

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Vitamin B for liver health - If I stop how quickly would this make a difference?

Hi all, I take a strong vitamin B complex tablet daily to help my liver along. I ran out a few days ago, i want to know how quickly this would/could make a difference to my liver/health? Would i notice any physical symptoms if not taking them for a little while?

Vitamin B12 - Hi, I got first B12 shot today and was NOT informed of the side effects that could?

... happen. I am not going to get another one - it's been 7 hours. It was more like getting a lollipop from the doctors office. I am now completely freaked out. What can I do? I got the shot this afternoon and am trying not to panic. I usually research stuff carefully and this time I... read more

Does spirulina deplete your B12?

I had heard that spirulina can deplete the Vitamin B12 in your system; and since I recently was told by my doctor that I was low in B12 (this is a 1st in my life), naturally I wondered if there could be a connection since I'd been taking Spirulina for some time.

Dr. suggest 100 mg of vitamin b12 daily. Is this to much?

vitamin sold in micrograms not miligrams?

Cyanocobalamin - How long can a Vitamin B12 injection be used after it's been drawn up?

Can it be drawn up one day and used the next day (within 24 hours) so long as it's been kept at room temperature and away from light?

High vitamin b12 - I have 1.5 times the normal level of b12 I should have says doctors I have ms?

is there a link in me getting multiple sclerosis and my high b12?

Does vitamin B12 interfere with Lexapro? Since I started taking b12 I feel like my lexapro quit?

I started back on lexapro 10 mg in January and recently found out my B12 level is 288 and my Vitamin D is 22. My doctor prescribed D2 but dismissed the low B12 because it is in low normal range. When I questioned her about it she said I could supplement if I wanted to. I’ve been thinking... read more

Should I take a Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement?

Vitamin B12 - Understand aluminium is present in B12 injection solution. This is harmful in the long

... run. Any one knows of non-aluminium B12 product Jim

Vitamin B12 - does b12 make u feel gittery?

What causes overactive salivation?

I am 66 yrs old I take tamoxifen 20mg per day I take zopiclone 3.5mg a couple of times a week I take vitamin B12 750mg every day I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day I have just in the last 5 mos. gotten off of risperdone

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