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What's the difference between Bacteria and Viruses?

How long does a fever last with a virus?

How long does the cold/flu virus live on surfaces?

Can COVID-19 be transmitted through the air?

What do I need to know about Drug Interactions?

Started day 2 on contrave & have persistent vomiting. Is this a side effect or some virus?

I took 1 pill on empty stomach yesterday & super nauseous all day. Ate crackers & nothing else. Couldn't tolerate it. Felt ok waking up day 2 so tried 1 pill again with apples. After 3 hours I started severe nauseous & vomiting with some diarrhea. Tried tiny bits of toast,... read more

How long can I take dayquil for?

So I went to the doctor, and they said I have a virus. My throat has been super sore, and the only thing that has really helped it go away/let me sleep is dayquil/nyquil. I've been taking four doses a day like it says on the box. But it's been nearly a week at this point, and I'm... read more

How long does the flu virus usually last for?

I had the flu since Monday.

Can fluoxetine cause a sore throat?

My daughter has had a recurring sore throat since her dosage of fluoxetine was raised in the fall. She has been tested for mono three times and told that she just has a virus or some sort. Her psychiatrist says that it could not be caused by the fluoxetine. Her throat has hurt for four weeks now.... read more

If I missed a week of taking Saxenda, do I start over or continue from my usual dosage?

I was sick with a stomach virus and was just scared to use it. I was on 0.6mg.

What Drugs Prevent or Treat Serious COVID-19 Cases

How much Zofran to give my two year old?

My 2-year-old who weighs 30lbs has had a stomach virus for 3 days now. Can I give him Zofran? If so how much should I give him 2mg?

What OTC drugs relieve tripledemic symptoms in kids?

Pink Eye - what you need to know

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