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Vimovo Questions

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Does Vimovo 500/20mg twice daily for shoulder tendinitis work, and is Naproxen the same?

Posted 11 Jan 2013 by digal 4 answers

I have been diagnosed with shoulder tendinitis,I have tried physiotherapy treatments which don't work, my doc. just prescribed naproxen 500/20mg twice daily for two weeks. He said if this treatment does not work I would have to get a cortisone injection. I am curious about all this and would ...

Can I take VIMOVO 500/20mg for lower back pain?

Posted 18 Dec 2011 by gpayne2m 1 answer

For pain management I am given Sovenor 10mg patches with Oxyctin slow release 10mg and OxyNorm 5mg?

Posted 17 May 2014 by sixtythree 1 answer

and OxyNorm. Why and is it safe to take Oxycotin 10 mg slow release and the OxyNorm 5mg with Sovenor 10mg patch and Vimovo 500mg daily. I have severe osteoarthritis of the whole spine, hips and knees and muscular pain as well.

Im allergic to penicillin, can I take vimovo?

Posted 22 Apr 2011 by Rosie1118 2 answers

What does TBMP mean on a drug listed as: Vimovo TBMP 12 hr?

Posted 4 May 2011 by NurseState 2 answers

I cannot find an answer to this?

Is Vimovo good for tendonitis?

Posted 9 Nov 2010 by mstrunn 1 answer

Have patella tendonitis, am unfamiliar with NSAIDS, will this med help, thank you.

Vimovo Efficacy - how long until I see improvement?

Posted 13 Nov 2010 by mstrunn 1 answer

Just started Vimovo today for my Patella Tendonitis, how long until I see some improvment in my symptoms?

Vimovo on a as needed basis?

Posted 30 Nov 2010 by mstrunn 1 answer

Now that I have completed two weeks of Vimovo therapy for my Patella Tendonitis, can I take on an as needed basis?

My husband has been perscribed vimovo 500/20mg, is it safe?

Posted 4 Feb 2013 by sillyoldme 1 answer

as he has anryusm that has been coiled 3 times also has had bleed and stroke + seziours and TIA s

I would like to know if Wellbutrin,Klonopin, ibuprof/NSAIDS, and Lisinopril counteract mononessa?

Posted 20 May 2013 by hollymell37 1 answer

In reference to NSAIDS, I Specifically am referring to Vimovo. And of course, I am wondering about negative interactions with over-the-counter ibuprofen and the drugs listed above in my question.

How long should I wait to start taking meloxicam after being on vimovo for 1 week?

Posted 7 May 2016 by Omilue16 1 answer

I was prescribed vimovo twice a day on Tuesday but after taking it I have really bad diarrhea for the past 3 days and it's disrupting my job, I took a my last dose last night. My question is I want to go back to my meloxicam (how long should i wait to be safe to start the meloxicam)??

What is this medication for vimovo 500mg?

Posted 25 Jan 2016 by Charles911 1 answer

Is it good for your hip pain

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