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Victoza - Anyone have uncontrolable diarrhea with sour stomach? Am Diabetic II?

Posted 3 Mar 2012 by lambudd 22 answers

Started Victoza 4 weeks ago on lowest dose .6 for two weeks because I really want Victoza to work, but was getting severe sour stomach and nausea. After two weeks, increased to 1.2 -- tolerable but still constant nausea. Had to sleep upright at night in the lounge chair. Also, had a doctor visit ...

Victoza - do you have to be a diabetic to get on this for weight loss?

Posted 29 Mar 2012 by Beth1947 4 answers

I have trouble loosing weight and was wanting to know if this will be for others other than diabetics for weight loss

Victoza alternative?

Posted 23 Feb 2013 by vgunderson1 3 answers

Is there an oral alternative to Victoza? I've begun missing doses simply because I don't feel like dealing with the whole process of preparing & administering the vaccine. Signed, ~GoodeBeHappy~

Victoza Storage to Maintain Effectiveness?

Posted 21 Dec 2010 by woodsie99 5 answers

I've tried one month w/ Victoza as instructed by the pharmacist. He recommended keeping the unopened pen in the fridge and that once the pen was opened it could remain at room temperature for 30 days. I found that after 2 weeks the appetite suppression and weightloss reduced. While starting my ...

Victoza - How long did your side effects last?

Posted 25 Oct 2017 by Chunkymunky 1 answer

I have been on Victoza 1.8 mg for about a month now. This has been one of the worst months I’ve had. The nausea, lethargy, and egg burps are terrible and 24/7. I have even awakened to an upset stomach multiple times during the night only to burp and fall right back to sleep. No weight loss ...

Victoza - How long does it take for side effect to go away I'm on 1.2 Victoza. I have been...

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by Colman123 1 answer

... taking it for 4 days now.

Victoza - is this amount of weight loss normal ?

Posted 21 Oct 2017 by lynnek123 2 answers

i was about 203 lb when i started to take victoza around a year ago, im now 150 lb is this normal ?

Traveling with an open pen of Victoza?

Posted 1 Nov 2017 by OscarLimaTango 1 answer

I am getting ready to fly across the country, a 4 hr. flight. Do I have to store my opened Victoza pen in a cool pack while traveling or will it be alright in my carry-on, w/o a cool pack, for the 4 hour flight?

When stopping Victoza suddenly will you get headaches?

Posted 25 Sep 2017 by Kricket2340 1 answer

I only took Victoza for about 6 days and my sugars dropped so low it sent me to the ER. My doctor prescribed for more weight loss when my A1C was already at 6.6. I was already taking 1000 metformin x2 a day. My sugars are still all over from stopping 3 days ago and my head splitting. Is that normal?

I have to find an alternative to VICTOSA. The expense is too high for me?

Posted 30 Sep 2017 by Tom Carroll 1 answer

Any suggestions? I'm losing weight and my sugar is under control.(105-160 in morning)

Does a specialist need to prescribe Victoza l?

Posted 3 Oct 2017 by Fowler6320 1 answer

I realize it's a prescription medicine but can a PCP prescribe it?

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