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Urticaria Questions

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Zyrtec vs Claritin: Which is more effective for allergies?

Zyrtec and Claritin are both antihistamines, but which one is more effective for conditions such as allergic rhinitis or postnasal drip?

Allegra vs Claritin: Which is more effective for allergies?

Both Allegra and Claritin are antihistamines but which one is more effective or has more side effects?

Hives vs Rash - What's the difference between them?

Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride vs Citrate: What's the difference?

How does Xolair work?

How long before Xolair starts working?

Is Xyzal available over-the-counter?

Mirena, urticaria and menopause?

What about Mirena when coming menopause? Someone has urticaria? Tell me please all I need to know! If I'm 52.

Hydroxyzine over the counter equivalent?

I have skin writing (Dermatographic urticaria) and was prescribed a years subscription of Hydroxyzine. This works great, but in order to get a new supply, I must go to another appointment and spend the money out of my pocket, (thanks to my "wonderful" health insurance), and take time off... read more

Do you can take Paracetamol and Telfast both?

Telfast is 180mg. Paracetamol is the common one (white colored pill). I do have urticaria, that's why I'm taking telfast. What more is I cant take many other medicines such as the NSAIDs family. Please answer fast as you can. Thank you.

How long does cetirizone hcl 10 mg stay in your system after your very first dose?

My 16 year old daughter just started taking cetirizine hcl 10mg, generic for Zyrtec, yesterday but after reading all the side effects we may try a different approach now. How long will it take to get completely out of her system?

Will 4 weeks on prednisone cause major weight gain?

I've been hit with a random bout of hives/urticaria for reasons unknown. Went on a 5 day course of prednisone which knocked it back significantly but the skin reactions were still present afterwards. Currently on Blexten but again, skin will still flare up if scratched or has too much contact... read more

I'm taking 150 mg of Xoliar in each arm, which total 300mg injections?

Has anyone had reduced angioedema after taking Xolair injections. If yes, how long after you started the injection did the swelling subside.

Are there any LONG term side effects for using Doxepin? I've been on it for at least 23 years.

It works really well for my chronic urticaria.

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