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Does turmeric affect your sex drive? My wife has been using it for about 12 months and sexual?

... activity in that time has been about 4. She is obsessed with turmeric for everything, her teeth, pain, headache and general inflammation for her, our horses and our goats. In being a wonder cure does it have drawbacks?

Are Aleve and Turmeric compatible?

May I take these 2 together for relief of severe arthritis pain?

What anti inflammatory med can be taken when on a blood thinning drug and high blood pressure med?

I have looked into this and can't find any over the counter medication and have looked at turmeric and omega 3 both of which advise not to take if on blood thinners. I have very severe hip pain and am desperate to find some relief. I can't get to the doctors because at the moment I... read more

Do you know if drug Alpilean is safe? It’s a metabolism burner weight loss supplement?

It contains Vit B, chromium picolinate, turmeric, rhizome, ginger, African mango seed, moorings leaf citrus

Can I use turmeric with Methatrexate for arthritis?

Herbal Supplement Interaction?

Are there any risks to taking the following together? • Milk Thistle • Resveratrol • Fish Oil • Multivitamin • Turmeric curcumin • Melatonin • Dried Mushroom blends (chaga, lions mane, etc... ) TY!

Colchicine for Gout - How long will this last?

I had my first gout attack that I was aware of in my right ankle. Thursday. I read up on the symptoms and treated it accordingly. Took turmeric. Lemon. Black tart cherry. Celery. No alcohol. No meat. 2 to 3 gallons of water per day. Couldn't sleep by Monday morning I get t to the doctor and he... read more

Trying to research possible reaction safety between meloxicam, Mucinex Guaifenesin, and Turmeric?

Seeing articles one way, then the other?

Can a turmeric supplement cause flushing of the face being that I have rosacea?

I have rosacea which causes stinging and burning of the face with certain foods and drinks. I have face flushing also which can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Thank you.

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