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Triglyceride Questions

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Interaction with lipitor and alcohol?

Posted 8 Jan 2016 by Mom worried 1 answer

My son is an alcoholic he took lipitor and his triglycerides went from 2900 to 8000 he needed dialysis if he continues to drink can he even take cholesterol meds?

Can you be on a keto diet while taking Vascepa?

Posted 9 days ago by Turning40isRough 0 answers

I was at 198 lbs at my last dr visit. Triglycerides are at 600. My dr ssnt me to a kidney specialist due to elevated aldosterone leveks. Kidney specialist appointment was 6 weeks out. I went ahead & started on supplements like fish oil, bergamot supplements, b complex, niacin & vitamins E ...

I was diagnosed with hep c this year & have had it for 20 years or more?

Posted 11 Dec 2017 by Redrider16 1 answer

I have stage1 liver disease & was wondering if there was another bipolar med I could take & also wouldn't make me gain weight or elevate my cholesterol or triglycerides like serquil or meds like this

I cannot taste food since I started taking Fenofibrate. Is this one of the side effects?

Posted 26 Nov 2015 by jerrinvictor 1 answer

I was prescribed Fenofibrate since I have high Triglycerides in my blood. I have been in this treatmentfor 40 days now and I have noticed that I cannot taste food as I used to before. Is this one of the side effects of this medication?

I am looking for some specific recipes, esp desserts for a low triglyceride diet?

Posted 1 May 2016 by Kittum 1 answer

I know the basic do's and don'ts with diet/lifestyle changes. I know baked goods should be avoided, but is it okay to splurge on occasion with recipes baked with wheat/oat flour (or some other variation), no or low butter, brown sugar or stevia vs white sugar, etc? Or should ALL baked ...

Invokana - My husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure and given a medicine with a diuretic in

Posted 12 Apr 2017 by kelig 1 answer

... it. He was also diagnosed with high cholestrol (over 1000 triglyceride). Within two weeks he was told he also had diabetes and the dr gave him Ivocana (from his office , not from a pharmacist). That was Tuesday. By Saturday he felt so bad, he stopped taking the ivocana and just kept the ...

I am taking 500 mg of slow niacin.. My triglycerides # is 174-- should. I stop at a certain point?

Posted 9 Oct 2016 by Joeyh196102 1 answer

My Dr told me to take niacin time release.

How can a medication that is supposed to lower my triglycerides also "hurt" my liver?

Posted 25 Mar 2016 by bjduck81 0 answers

I am taking Lovaza due to my Hyperlipidemia (@900-1000). After 4 months, my panels came back showing a triglyceride count of 236!!! Awesome, right? However, the high amount of fat in my blood was/is causing me to have non-alcoholic fatty liver. Then, I read that the "disease" side effect ...

Using Rosuvastatin insted of FenoFibrates?

Posted 23 Apr 2016 by sameeh66 0 answers

I checked triglycerides and is too high 495. Since 3 years ago I used many of drugs like Atrova Plus ,Simvast, . But the triglycerides still in same level just little reduce. Once time I used Lipanthyl 300 (Fenofibrates)and I notice imporvment in triglycerides level it got down to normal value. But ...

Stopped taking gemfibrozil after 16 days due to blurred vision. how long till the vision is normal?

Posted 16 Sep 2017 by badlyblurry 0 answers

I went to the hospital due to horrible back pain. Nothing found other than a sugar level of 598 and a triglyceride level of 2400, I had no idea about my sugar or my tris, I was put on insulin and gemfibrozil and left the hospital after 4 days, On the 5th day my eye sight became blurry and i had a ...

I'm a 50 year old female that had my first physical. My doctor informed me that my triglycerides ba?

Posted 18 Apr 2018 by Csamuelson67 0 answers

Told really high. I was put on Atoraovastsin & Lisinopril. After about a week my legs and body felt like I had the flu & very weak to walk. Called my doctor now she changed it to Fenofibrate. These change has same effect. So I stopped them both for two days now. I'm going to take CoQ10 ...

Medium Chain Triglycerides - New to diet for seizure control. Started with MADS then keto with oils?

Posted 20 Dec 2015 by Bobbi Chase 0 answers

... added. We want to start mct oil but was told nestle was a good brand because it wasn't coconut oil. This brand seems pricey. Also need advice on dosage

Does Supartz raise blood sugar or cholesterol?

Posted 23 Sep 2016 by garners9 0 answers

My triglycerides are high and I'm a type 2 diabetic. My cholesterol levels where off the charts last time I got my supartz injections.

How long does it take for fenofibrate to be effective?

Posted 20 Jun 2018 by jmeoni 0 answers

I took fenofibrate 160 religiously for 6 months with a starting Triglyceride level of 230. My labs in 6 months my level was at 594 and HDL was 27. I also take Crestor.

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