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Trichotillomania Questions

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Problems ejaculating - CITALOPRAM?

Posted 27 Feb 2011 by afraidofbeingalone 3 answers

Urgent - Good evening people, I am writing this tonight to seek an answer to ( in the eyes of anybody whos in love) eyes. I am a 20 years old male and due to certain factors in my life story, my doctor has prescribed me with Citalopram 20mg, i started off (as suggested with half a tablet 10mg for ...

Escitalopram - Trichotillomania (hair pulling) and/or nail/skin biting/picking?

Posted 7 Apr 2018 by cmsowder 0 answers

Anyone out there found Lexapro to be beneficial in stopping hair pulling and or obsessive picking/chewing?

Did anybody take paxil during pregnancy? Is this OK?

Posted 5 Aug 2010 by peaceful12 13 answers

I'm pregnant and I want to know if taking paxil is safe for me to take... thanks!

Paroxetine eliminating my modulation & making me more lazy?

Posted 11 Aug 2017 by SimmerSet 4 answers

I will admit I'm certainly lazy- but to an extent. I've been so uncaring about just about everything life throws at me. I logically understand the significance of events or situations that occur, but I don't react to them. There's no emotional reaction to anything really. I ...

Trichotillomania - The earliest I can remember pulling and eating my hair is age 6. Are there any?

Posted 19 Dec 2014 by asmock 1 answer

... meds that can help with my compulsions? I'm already on fluoxetine, and it slows down my hair pulling and skin picking, but doesn't come close to stopping it

Trichotillomania -what are the best hair products I can use to make my hair grow faster?

Posted 12 May 2014 by fashion star 1 answer

I'm taking Lexmark for depression and anxiety. I still pull my hair out. What Products would u recommend so my hair will grow bk faster Oops im all ready talking lexapro for depression and anxiety.. but I still continue pulling my hair out. . Any other suggestions. And what are the best hair ...

Lexapro/Abilify/Birth Control and Fatness?

Posted 1 Nov 2012 by velouria 5 answers

Hi everyone. I'm a 31 year old female and am desperately trying to determine which of the drugs I'm on has made me gain 35 pounds over 2 years that I can't seem to shake. I'm on: 10 mg of Lexapro. 7.5 mg of Abilify (because the Lexapro by itself made me apathetic and suicidal) ...

Please tell me if this is Schizoaffective?

Posted 29 Jan 2013 by emfix1219 2 answers

I have had Trichotillomania since I have been 8 years old. Then about when I turned 15, I got diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. I have been to a psychiatrist for years and recieved medication, but I just get progressively worse each year. The first 3 years, I have had nothing but depressive ...

Is constant praying a symptom of OCD?

Posted 12 Jul 2010 by jeffreycarter70 8 answers

I know that praying is good, but I find myself praying silently many, many times a day... for the same things. I guess it is out of fear that if I don't something bad will happen to me or my loved ones. Also, I feel compelled to say many "amens" when done praying. Is this a symptom ...

For trichillomania how much citalopram must u be on for it to work ?

Posted 31 Oct 2011 by mweinstock1 2 answers

i am on 20 mg citalopram for depression but also have some trichillomania..i always have my hands in my seems to feel different to me in places and drives me nuts... can't seem to stop even when i know i'm doing it.though i am not pulling it out..i am affecting the hairline on ...

Is there a way to stop pulling hair without meds? Please help?

Posted 28 Dec 2011 by PureGrace 2 answers

I have Trichotillomania. And I can't bring myself to see a doctor about this..It started when I was 29..just out of the blue I started pulling my hair. Now's really bad. I can't seem to find any help with this that doesn't involve medication. I'm hoping and praying ...

Anyone else taking Spironolactone mixed with OCD drugs - prozac & bupirone?

Posted 28 Nov 2010 by difri1956 2 answers

Just started this for acne; 100 mg, but at the same time have added 1mg trifluoperazine for my OCD, also take 40mg prozac and buspirone... anyone there with a there with a similar mix? Having some flu-like symptoms with the added trifluoperazine and the spironolactone. Also some weight gain, not ...

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