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Trichomoniasis Questions


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How long does it take for a metronidazole 500 single dose take to work?

Posted 29 Jul 2014 by jaioyrdha3 1 answer

I have had this rx for over two months no drinking, & no sex. I want to know how long does it take for the infection to clear up?

Trichomoniasis - Can trichimoniasis stay dormant in a man for 5 years and not be passed to his?

Posted 8 Nov 2014 by Justnotsure2 2 answers

... partner until the fifth year?my friend was just recently told she has trich but has been with the same man for 5 years. He said he must have carried it that long without passing it to her. Is that possible?

I took 4 pills of metronidazole as a single dose but feel like it didn’t work enough?

Posted 3 Nov 2017 3 answers

I was tested positive for trichomoniasis in September. I was prescribed the 4 pills metronidazole to take as an single dose. I had ate a meal & after an hour took the 4 pills as I was told to do. I had felt sick to my stomach but ignored it and went to sleep the whole day. Hours passed & I ...

Metronidazole - why does my infection keep coming back?

Posted 28 Jan 2016 by rosemary654 3 answers

So my doctor said i had a bv & prescribed memetronidazole i took the pills for the week or 8 days that i had to but it keeps coming back maybe it's not bv maybe its trichomoniasis how will i know for sure ? Someone please help ive been having this problem for a while now im tired of always ...

Why did the symptoms of trichomoniasis appear 3 days after taking metronidazole?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by girl22 2 answers

I had a pap smear and was told I had trichomoniasis. I never had any symptoms nor did my boyfriend and I cheat on each other. I'm assuming I contracted it last year from an ex because I had a few symptoms but thought it was a yeast infection. I used monistat and the symptoms went away, never ...

I am taking Metronidazole to treat BV and trichomoniasis and my symptoms haven't gone away?

Posted 10 Aug 2013 by Jan5880 1 answer

I am taking Metronidazole to treat BV and trichomoniasis. I was told to take 4 500mg metronidazole pills the first day of treatment and 1 pill twice a day until gone ( which was 5 days) I am on the 5th of treatment and only have one pill left to take. My symptoms haven't really gone away and ...

How long can trichomoniasis lay dormant in men?

Posted 21 Oct 2017 by Sweet and sour 1 answer

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months now and haven't had any issues. Today I found out I have trichomoniasis. He says he hasn't been with anyone but me in a little over a year. Can trichomoniasis lay dormant for that long or is it more likely that he is cheating?

Does Metronidazole Cause White Discharge?

Posted 30 Dec 2015 by SunshineBlueSkies 2 answers

I was instructed to take metronidazole oral for BV twice daily for 10days. Around the second day I started noticing a white mucous-like discharge in the toilet (not cottage cheese like). I'm currently on day 6 and when I go to the restroom in the morning, I can usually push out a small amount ...

Trichomoniasis - Do I still have trich???

Posted 10 Apr 2016 by Lovemusic_8 1 answer

... found out I had trichomonasis. I was prescribed 4 white metronadizole 500mg for the trich. It's been 3 weeks since I took the meds and I came on my period during those two weeks and went off, now today I'm starting to see a small amount of yellow discharge... Does that mean I still ...

Why am I bleeding using metronidazole gel?

Posted 5 Oct 2018 by Izzyizzyalba 1 answer

On Wednesday (today's Friday) I went to the clinic because I was experiencing cramping at first I thought my iud got misplaced, although I have been wanting to also get tested. I went in she checked me and right away she said that there's abnormal discharge she said it looks like BV since ...

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