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Triazolam vs Klonopin. Which one is better to take for panic attacks & anxiety?

Posted 10 days ago by Tills81 0 answers

Just started taking triazolam today .25mg & it's been two hours an I don't feel any different. Should I take another one? , Also which medication Is better/stronger triazolam or Klonopin? Not familiar with these benzos but would like to know which one would work better for me because ...

Question about triazolam for dental anxiety?

Posted 19 Apr 2018 by GamerGirl_2010 0 answers

Hi. I have a question for a first time user of triazolam. I've been prescribed triazolam 0.25 mg for dental anxiety for a gum surgery appointment. I'm supposed to take 1 tablet the night before and 1 tablet an hour before the surgery. The gum surgery is in the afternoon, but I have ...

Triazolam and temazepam?

Posted 12 Sep 2017 by texasluva 0 answers

Has anyone tried these two sleeping pills together? I have both but temazepam does not work alone for me. I need about .375 of the triazolam to sleep. I was wondering if I could take one of each and cut down on the triazolam since they are expensive and not covered by my insurance.

How long does triazolam stay in your system?

Posted 24 Jan 2013 by jamie66 2 answers

Triazolam - Will this drug help me sleep on an airplane?

Posted 20 Mar 2017 by darlenest69 1 answer

I will be flying and it was recommended that I take this drug to help me sleep on the flight. Has anybody else taken this while on an airplane? I do want to be completely asleep while I am in flight.

How does triazolam work when you go to a dentist?

Posted 24 Apr 2015 by trysa38 1 answer

Because im afraid of needles an pain

Triazolam - Is it ok to nurse a 10 month old?

Posted 14 Apr 2016 by Darcie_03 0 answers

Im only taking 3 pills one tonight and 2 within an hour of one another tomorrow for dental work. Is it ok to breastfeed?

I take klonopin for anxiety and seroquel 300mgs since10 yrs ago. It's not helping, anything else ?

Posted 27 Sep 2014 by Mikey Fratello 3 answers

I still have insomnia due to parial seizures and psychosis from anxiety and p.t.s.d. I've tried almost everything, it seems I got close with triazolam but kept waking early on the 15mg meds. Is there something close to triazolam I'm missing out there? And forget Restoril, that didn't ...

Can you take norco with triazolam?

Posted 28 May 2014 by manson1949 1 answer

I had cancer removed from my back and taking norco for pain I'm haveing dentistry work done today and have to take triazolam is there any problem with taking both drugs

I still cannot find out why Apotex Inc, is not supplying my Druggist with Triazolam?

Posted 20 Jan 2014 by sernak1 1 answer

I have been trying to get this med for quite some time and it is always on back order. It works for me. Have been prescribed with other meds which are costly and non-effective. ALL I want to know is why Apotex Inc, is not supplying my Pharmacy. Thank you

Will triazolam help with anxieo treat my anxiety?

Posted 27 Mar 2012 by johnnymack10 1 answer

I usually take 2 mg xanax pills but i dont have any right now. all i have is four 0.25 triazolam pills (halcion) i mean it is a benzopine, so i thought it would help a little atleast. does anyone know the answer to my question?

Could someone please tell me why Halcion "Triazolam" is suddenly not available in Ontario Canada?

Posted 12 Oct 2010 by Ankica 4 answers

I've been told by Apotex, Canada's which sells the product under the name Apo-Triazolam that the release date is now the middle of October, this has been going on since August! But they always assure you that they are indeed producing the product, then why don't they ship it?

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