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Our support group for Tresiba has 13 questions and 19 members. Updated 29 Aug 2023.

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Toujeo vs Tresiba - What's the difference between them?

How long can Tresiba be out of the fridge?

Can you take Tresiba twice a day?

Does Tresiba cause weight gain?

How long does Tresiba last without refrigeration?

Is Tresiba a long acting insulin?

How long does Tresiba last?

What is the difference between Soliqua and Xultophy?

Tresiba - Do you gain weight on this insulin?

How do I know when my Tresiba pen in empty?

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Latest questions

Is Tresiba the same as Lantus?

How do I use the Tresiba FlexTouch pen?

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