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Can hand tremors be related to/side effect of Prednisone use?

Posted 1 Sep 2012 by corner113 5 answers

66yo male taking Prednisone for dx of "acute RA". Was initially thought to have a viral infection that caused a "relative arthritis". Dr now feels its a type of RA that "temporaily" affects men over age 55

A month in on bupropion, tremors still? Cause for concern?

Posted 29 Mar 2013 by sirensiren 4 answers

I am at the one month mark to the day on Bupropion 300 xl (started much smaller of course) and though most of the side effects have gone away- one has become more prominent- body tremors and a hard (but not rapid) heart beat! My GP simply says "this stuff has side effects for a while, it may ...

Hand tremors - Prozac related?

Posted 24 Jun 2012 by peaceOfMind 4 answers

Hi. I've had tremors in my hands for about 7 or 8 years now. I saw a neurologist and he said it's "essential tremors". I'm 45 and took Anafranil for 10 years and then started on Prozac after that; have been taking Prozac for about 10 years also. In between, I took some ...

Those of you on gabapentin have you noticed tremors & tics in eyes, face or arms?

Posted 28 Feb 2013 by Tee6759 24 answers

My doctor recently increased me from 1800mg to 2700mg due to my neuropathy getting worse from the fibromyalgia. Ive recently noticed some tremors and tics in my eyes, face and arms. I am not sure if this is from the fibro or the increase of the gabapentin. It might be that I am just having a fibro ...

Starting Zoloft tonight's my first dose?

Posted 27 Jun 2017 by Missmews 2 answers

Their starting me off small only 25g but Ive read a lot of reviews and the side effect chart I got along talking about tremors and feelings of sickness I'm wondering does it cause much disruption when trying to work? I'm nervous about being drowsy and dizzy but I can't miss days ...

Prozac - Has anyone have or had the below listed side effects?

Posted 28 Jun 2017 by tunnels 3 answers

today is the 7th day I am taking an extra 10mg with my already 20mg. Having some sides, shaky, glucose a bit low tremors and sometime feeling like I am on a fast track. Anyone had are have these sides?

Prozac - On June 21st started taking 10 mg on top of the already 20mg since May 3rd. still having?

Posted 15 days ago by tunnels 1 answer

On June 21st started taking 10 mg on top of the already 20mg since May 3rd. still having some side effects, tremors, shaky. and some panic attacks. Has anyone experienced these?

Going into the 5th seek of taking 20mg of Prozac some bad thoughts decreased?

Posted 2 Jun 2017 by tunnels 3 answers

going into the 5th week of taking 20mg Prozac. some bad thoughts gone. still have side effects of tremors, nervousness, stomach problems and decreased appetite. Should wait a while longer to see the side effects go away?

Lithium causing tremors and muscle weakness?

Posted 30 Apr 2017 by erca 2 answers

I been on lithium sulfate since January 450mg to 600 mg back to 300 I shake like a leaf now I feel like my legs areally going to give out from under me could this all be signs of having toxic levels

I started with anxiety after several months of health issues which have resolved?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by Schmutz84 3 answers

My PCP has put me on lexapro which I was only able to take for 5 days due to the side effects. Next was Prozac. I lasted 18 days on that but the the uncontrollable body tremors ended that. I finally have gone to see a pdoc and she has me on 12.5 mg of seroquel and .5mg of klonopin prn. I am feeling ...

1 1/2 weeks on prednisone (severe symptoms)?

Posted 7 May 2017 by Larendunj 0 answers

I took prednisone for bells palsy for roughly a week and a half. 5 or so days after my last dose I started experiencing weird issues. First I noticed my entire body had tremors, and then later that night i started getting muscle spasms all over my body. As of right now I feel tired and very weak, ...

Do people with MS suffer from excessive tremors of the hands and weakness of the feet?

Posted 11 Apr 2017 by policeman 2 answers

was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and parkinson's disease after 4 years of the fibro diagnosis. suffering from extreme tremors and pain on the right side of the body. Has difficulty walking and at times blurred vision, has anxiety and depression. Neurologist stated that the cause of severe ...

Can you take 20 mg of propranolol daily at night only?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by stantest 0 answers

prescription is for tremors. When 20 mg taken twice daily my pulse dropped into the forties

I have severe night sweats?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Crystalwings30 5 answers

Ive taken venlafaxine 225mg for 18 months and I've been having severe night sweats, tremors and nightmares, I have to towel myself dry a couple of times a night, is there anything I can do other than changing my Meds?

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