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I just had all my top teeth pulled and dentures put in. I was gave toradol for pain. Has anyone eve?

Posted 30 Mar 2011 13 answers

... taken.this, because I am still in a lot of pain. It is 10mg. Should I double up. Also can u lett your dentures soak in polident all night, or should I put them in warm water after they soak 15 mins? Any advice on dentures will help... thank u... Anna

Is Toradol (ketorolac) considered a narcotic?

Posted 27 Aug 2009 1 answerFAQ by

How long does a shot of Toradol last?

Posted 29 Nov 2016 2 answers

I suffer from migraines went to doctors today and I got a shot of Toradol. How long does a shot of Toradol last?

Would Toradol be better for pain than Vicodin?

Posted 11 May 2011 8 answers

Is Toradol related to tramadol?

Posted 7 Sep 2012 1 answerFAQ by

Overdose - The T3's I was prescribed isn't touching my back pain when taken as directed. I have an?

Posted 14 Jul 2011 5 answers

... appointment with the pain doctor already scheduled but in the meantime I was wondering if it would be a problem for me to take 4 or 6 at a time? I have got to get relief. The shot of toradol and decadron i got at the ER did little to touch this pain. Brought me down from a 10 to an 8, maybe!

How long does a toradol injection last after given. My doctor gave me my first one today n said it?

Posted 23 Oct 2014 1 answer

... helps some patients for up to three days. Its been twelve hours n i dont feel any different. Still up now at four am hurting

Can you take Ibuprofen and Toradol together?

Posted 30 Sep 2010 1 answer

The doctor is giving me an injection of toradol and 800 mg of ibuprofen, I have read these shouldnt be taken together should i be concerned or trust the doctor?

Why is it recommended to take Toradol for only 5 days or less?

Posted 8 Feb 2015 3 answers

I have ongoing back pain and I tried Toradol for 2 days, and it seems to be helping, where other medications have not.

Toradol shot for siatic nerve pain??

Posted 13 May 2013 6 answers

I've been having frequent siatic nerve pain in my lower back, which sends aching pains down my hips, thru the back of my legs, furthermore, leading to my feet and having a tingling sensation. I have read several different reviews about this shot and am scared of getting it, but am in dire need... read more

Would toradol show up in a drug test?

Posted 4 Sep 2011 1 answer

Toradol - I had a shot of Toradol nine hours ago at an urgent care for kidney pain.

Posted 19 Sep 2018 1 answer

How long do I need to wait before taking ibuprofen? Pain is returning and I'd like to be able to sleep tonight.

Is toradol addictive?

Posted 16 Oct 2010 3 answers

Is toradol more or just as potent to vicodin?

Posted 11 May 2011 4 answers

What other medication is Toradol most like?

Posted 29 May 2010 1 answer

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