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How long after using Tobradex drops should I wait before using any other lubricating eye drops?

Posted 7 Jun 2017 by chefdor 1 answer

I was prescribed Tobradex for post cataract surgery 4 times daily, but when I wake up in the morning my eyes are very dry. Can I use regular eye drops before using the Tobradex drops, or wait till after, and how long after?

TobraDex - can I use this drug for ear infections?

Posted 14 Oct 2010 by anoud7 1 answer

Can eye drops cause an allergic reaction?

Posted 28 Jun 2011 by medsjustforme 1 answer

I started on two different medications on the same day, a couple hours apart. I'm experiencing a really bad itch that started about 2 -3 hours after stating the meds. Have you, or know anyone who has had this type reaction to TobraDex ST eye drops. Only one of these meds was for the eyes. The ...

TobraDex - Does it need to be kept in the fridge?

Posted 8 Dec 2015 by Cestew 1 answer

TobraDex - Can this be used for a sty?

Posted 24 Oct 2009 by dcparrot 1 answer

Tobradex vs. neo-poly-dex?

Posted 2 Feb 2012 by Needtoknow33 1 answer

I was given Tobradex in the past for Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis, with quick relief from the symptoms. I was diagnosed with a mild form of GPV this week and prescribed neo-poly-dex. After taking it for almost 2 days the symptoms seem to be unchanged. Would switching to Tobradex be an option at ...

What should I do if my dog ate tobradex?

Posted 16 Nov 2011 by jisincla 1 answer

I already have a phone call in to the vet but am anxiously seeking more information while waiting for her to call me back.

Tobradex - have developed small sores while using this, could I be allergic?

Posted 15 Nov 2011 by hazzaji 2 answers

I had some surgery under my eye and have been using Tobradex ointment. I now seem to have a number of small sores just under the affected part, farther down on my cheek. Could I be allergic to Tobradex? These are small sores that scab up and then tend to bleed when the scab comes off.

Dose it effect my eyes if I used TobraDex eye drop regularly without stopping?

Posted 1 Mar 2011 by louna 1 answer

I used it with the ointment for awhile and my eyes become better. but after i stopped the treatment my eyes started to go back to the same condition.

Tobradex (Tobramycin) I am age 68. my eye doctor presecribed Tobramycin for epischleritis I'm?

Posted 22 Jul 2010 by Ratatouille 1 answer

concerned about elevation of intraocular pressure (IOP) and possible glaucoma. What is considered "long term use" for this steroid eyedrop?

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