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Antibiotics that can safely be used with Tikosyn?

Posted 12 Sep 2017 by Joepills 0 answers

I self catheterize and occasionally get urinary infections

Tikosyn use in uncontrolled a-fib?

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by Annetteandjerry 0 answers

My husband was started on Tikosyn in October 2016. In November he had to be cardioverted. In January 2017 he had cryo-ablation. He stayed in normal rhythm (with the help of Tikosyn) until April 5th when he required another cardioversion. Unfortunately normal sinus rhythm only lasted 3 days and on ...

My Dr has recommended going on Tikosyn and I have read a lot of reviews of women who has horrible?

Posted 24 Dec 2016 by Lynnfrost79 0 answers

Hair loss from this drug. Has anyone experienced that? They say it is higher for women over 60..I am 49. Is they anyone in that age group on Tikosyn that has experienced hair loss while on this drug?

My experience with Tikosyn is that it controls my afib about 2 out of 3 days. Is this typical?

Posted 6 Aug 2016 by EA90 0 answers

The afib days that the medication is not working I experience being out of breath and light headed.

How is nausea related to Tikosyn use mitigated?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by vm5plaza 0 answers

Is there a generic to Tikosyn ?

Posted 3 Apr 2016 by LGRyan 2 answers

Tikosyn - Does anyone else feel anxious, heart pounding about 2 hours before next dose is due?

Posted 11 Apr 2016 by Caregiver44 3 answers

Each day my husband goes thru a two-hour period of anxiety, heart pounding, feeling ill about 4:00 p.m. before his 6:00 pm dose. It's as if his body is anticipating and needing his meds.

Can tikosyn cause musle pain and weakness all over body?

Posted 19 Feb 2016 by ksgranny 0 answers

I have been on tikosyn for 3 years and have developed musle pain all over my body. Every muscle is painful to touch and have aching and even sharp pain at times. This is affecting my sleep as I find it hard to get comfortable. I have regular blood work done to check the levels and all have been in ...

How is tikosyn supplied?

Posted 9 Feb 2016 by miramichigael 0 answers

My mom is considering Tykosyn. She has some dexterity issues. Anyone know if a blister pack is available or how it will be packaged when she gets it?

I have lost all of my hair since starting Tikosyn?

Posted 16 Aug 2015 by baldinphoenix 0 answers

... Has anybody else lost their hair and have you reported it to FDA?

Took tikosyn one hour too early?

Posted 25 Apr 2015 by darryl70 1 answer

I have had 2 prosthetic heart valves ( mitral and aortic) since 1996, and have been on 500mg Tikosyn

Posted 3 Apr 2015 by Gordon Watts 2 answers

... twice daily for the past 6 years to limit my episodes of AFib. For me, it has been a successful drug. I just recently moved from the USA to Canada - only to discover, to my dismay, that Tikosyn is not available here. Apparently it is only licensed in the US - no other countries. Cardiologists ...

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