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I want to know if there are any fake white G3722 Xanax out there I've got some and it has no taste?

Posted 26 Jun 2017 by Myriah777 2 answers

I was wondering if there are any white Xanax bars with the imprint G3722 that are fake out there I recently got a hold of some and they have no taste whatsoever and the texture is different can someone please help ...

How to know if Xanax 2 mg bars are fake?

Posted 3 days ago by Rabbit1990 0 answers

My friend gets prescribed green bars S 90 3 and had said the ones before have a bitter taste and these don’t taste and don’t work as well. I was wondering if are they fake or do some of them have no taste at all?

Prednisone - Can your sense of taste be compromised?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Synnd2110 3 answers

all foods and beverages are starting to taste bland

Can metformin cause a change in taste?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by whitneyleigh392 3 answers

My doctor put me on metformin about a month ago for my PCOS and lately I've been noticing that a lot of things don't taste right. Things I have loved my entire life taste weird and sometimes even so gross I can't eat them. The metformin is the only thing that has changed. Could it be ...

Has anyone lost sense of taste after using Cold Eeze Lozenges?

Posted 26 Dec 2017 by Jadlyn 3 answers

I used one Cold Eeze lozenger after developing a cold and my sense of taste has been gone for nearly four days. Everything tastes bland or salty. I later read online this should be a temporary side effect lasting from a few hours to a day. It’s not stated on the box. However, it’s been ...

Prednisone - Can you drink a beer when taking methylprednisolone tablets 4 mg?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by 07 black suv 0 answers

Coors light beer (1) only had a taste for it

MiraLax - Does this have a good taste?

Posted 16 Mar 2017 by zebralady43 1 answer

I'm wondering how this tastes? I have colonscopy tomorrow and I'm suppose to drink 2 bottles of gatorade with this mixed in with it

Been taking victoza 5 weeks sick tonight?? Do I still take it?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Anna1942 3 answers

I take 1.2 im type 2 been doing ok until this morning. Been really ill all day, nausea and vomiting and terrible bitter taste bad pain in and around my right upper side and really bad pain in my tummy area. First time ive had this. I cant eat anything or drink it comes right back up as water and I ...

Spironolactone - Should the pill taste minty?

Posted 30 Dec 2016 by SaizC 2 answers

Mp 35

Eliquis - can I cut a 5mg tablet in half and take half instead of whole 5mg?

Posted 27 Aug 2016 by barbara451 0 answers

prescribed eliquis because I had an episode of afib once. the whole 5mg tab makes me feel dizzy and uncomfortable and I can taste/feel something in my mouth and throat

Xanax - Is there a Xanax bar that has no taste?

Posted 10 May 2017 by Raeganm 2 answers

How long until sour taste goes away with GERD?

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by Tolya 2 answers

I have been on omeprazole for 6 weeks and it did not help much. Now on Prevacid for 3 weeks, and it's better. No pain anymore, but still sour taste in the mouth. Not much during the day but closer to morning every day. Anybody had experience with this? Thanks.

Methylprednisolone - What can I drink with the pills to help with the taste?

Posted 30 Sep 2017 by Jinetm 2 answers

I just started my pack because of having hard time breathing, and I just took my first 2 but it tasted awful is there anything that I can drink that can help with the taste?

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