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What medications can affect your taste or smell?

How to know if Xanax 2 mg bars are fake?

My friend gets prescribed green bars S 90 3 and had said the ones before have a bitter taste and these don’t taste and don’t work as well. I was wondering if are they fake or do some of them have no taste at all?

I want to know if there are any fake white G3722 Xanax out there I've got some and it has no taste?

I was wondering if there are any white Xanax bars with the imprint G3722 that are fake out there I recently got a hold of some and they have no taste whatsoever and the texture is different can someone please help ...

Has anyone lost sense of taste after using Cold Eeze Lozenges?

I used one Cold Eeze lozenger after developing a cold and my sense of taste has been gone for nearly four days. Everything tastes bland or salty. I later read online this should be a temporary side effect lasting from a few hours to a day. It’s not stated on the box. However, it’s been... read more

Prednisone - Can your sense of taste be compromised?

all foods and beverages are starting to taste bland

Do all xanax have a bitter taste?

Can metformin cause a change in taste?

My doctor put me on metformin about a month ago for my PCOS and lately I've been noticing that a lot of things don't taste right. Things I have loved my entire life taste weird and sometimes even so gross I can't eat them. The metformin is the only thing that has changed. Could it be... read more

Spironolactone - Should the pill taste minty?

Mp 35

Xanax - Is there a Xanax bar that has no taste?

How long until sour taste goes away with GERD?

I have been on omeprazole for 6 weeks and it did not help much. Now on Prevacid for 3 weeks, and it's better. No pain anymore, but still sour taste in the mouth. Not much during the day but closer to morning every day. Anybody had experience with this? Thanks.

Does Wellbutrin cause an odd taste and smell of food?

I have been taking bupropion for about 3 months. I take 150 mg twice daily. Recently I have developed a spoiled taste and smell of meat, and an odd taste of other foods. Is this a side effect?

Can a real Xanax GG249 have a bitter-less taste?

I got a prescription for alprazolam 2mg GG249 and they have absolutely no bitter taste. Are there any out there that are real and not bitter?


Has anybody lost their taste when taking this medication? Not from having Covid.

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