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How long does it take for Tamiflu to work?

Posted 27 Jan 2012 by Me3 2 answers

My husband was diagnosed by our family doctor (tested and confirmed) to have the flu on Wednesday (I had a flu shot, he didn't). Thursday I started getting symptoms (today I feel TERRIBLE) but called our family doctor right away and started Tamiflu last (Thursday) night. I'm supposed to ...

Tamiflu - Can I take tamilflu and Tylenol cold & flu severe around same time?

Posted 4 Sep 2015 by Kellyd07 1 answer

My throat is sore and took Tylenol cold & flu severe for pain, sore throat, headache, cough. Then found tamilflu

How long does diarrhea from Tamiflu last after discontinuing Tamiflu?

Posted 20 Jan 2018 by aazarian 3 answers

I was diagnosed with influenza and prescribed Tamiflu. I stopped after one dose due to severe nausea. I started having diarrhea the following day and have had continued diarrhea almost 48 hours post dose. Imodium hasn’t helped can anyone say how long after stopping Tamiflu did your diarrhea ...

Anyone else have terrible negative side effects with the use of Tamiflu?

Posted 8 Dec 2014 by kbradt 9 answers

16 year old daughter diagnosed with Influenza, so her MD prescribed Tamiflu for her, 75mg. Capsules, twice daily for 5 days. He also prescribed my husband and myself Tamiflu, 75 mg. Capsules, once daily for 10 days. I am on numerous meds, but not my husband or daughter. My husband and I have ...

Can I take nasal decongestant with Tamiflu?

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by Allen payne 1 answer

Can I take a nasal decongestant with Tamiflu

Tamiflu - bad mental side effects?

Posted 29 Jan 2018 by atmandevotee 2 answers

Delusional perceptions Manic state Paranoia Anxiety/ panic attack lasting and not going away Mentally off centered Solution? - stop taking the tamiflu?

Is it possible for Tamiflu side effects to linger for weeks after course completed?

Posted 19 Feb 2018 by Lynn0786 1 answer

It is several weeks since I completed the prescription of Tamiflu. I still have nausea, dissiness, diarrhea, occasional vertigo, headache, and everything I eat tastes terrible. No food sounds good and whatever I eat goes right through me. As far as I can tell, it started when I took the Tamiflu. I ...

What can I take for a sore throat when the doctor just started me on Tamiflu?

Posted 21 Jan 2018 by Ikky25 0 answers

Went to the doctor Saturday diagnosis with the flu so she gave me Tamiflu but my throat hurt so bad I'm waiting on tests for strep throat Monday what can I take for my throat while on Tamiflu until Monday.

Can I take aspirin with Tamiflu?

Posted 9 Apr 2018 by Ciotola10 0 answers

How long do I have to wait in between if taking them together is not recommended?

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