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Stinging Questions

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Nystatin/Triamcinolone - triamcinolone acetonide cream?

Posted 4 Oct 2018 by Bubble123 0 answers

I am experience bad vaginal itching, burning when I pee, stinging, inflammation and irritation. Does triamcinolone/acetonide cream work & how long does it take? The cream was prescribed by my doctor

I have had nexplanon a week now and it hurts really bad. I get sharp pain in the area. is it normal?

Posted 14 Aug 2013 by mpmerigo74blurose 2 answers

the bruising and swelling is still there. and i can just lift my arm over my head and it will hurt really bad. it gets a sharp stinging pain where the nexplanon is. and i itch all around the insertion sight.

Herpes Zoster - I have shingles, about 2 weeks now, anyone ha e any success with any topical creams?

Posted 26 Jun 2016 by Firechief905 1 answer

... that gave relief from the stinging. I've tried, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lysine cream, prescription TriCort, and calamine lotion. The calamine seems to work but you have to apply often during the day. Shingles are on my bra line all the way around, most uncomfortable. Took the anti viral ...

Substance coming out of penis?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 by NovaDice 3 answers

This sounds really strange to me but maybe it's common, I don't know. Sometimes when I go to pee it's really hard and can also burn and sting. At the same time, a yellowy-while substance and balls come out but have to be forced out ie... have to squeeze them though pee shaft (I ...

I'm having really bad sharp pains that feel like a stinging burning feel on the right side of my?

Posted 18 Jun 2014 by Britanykay 2 answers

... head, ear, jaw and neck :/ I don't know why but it even hurts to brush my hair or do anything with it, even if my hair is out it feel like it's still burning and my ear aches are unbearable! I tried to wash my face earlier before bed and I was in too much pain on the right side I had ...

Miconazole - is this a yeast infection?

Posted 20 Dec 2015 by frusterated_person 1 answer

When I pee it smells kinda burnt and it started stinging and my mom bought me micoazol for yeast infection and I used the suppository and cream and the next day it was worse and itches more and on the inside then I noticed when I wipe or try to clean it its kinda red and so I put in a tampon and ...

Applied nystatin/triamcinolone crm to ear cnl RASH hs eruptd nck, mdle of 4head + cntr of upr lip??

Posted 18 Aug 2013 by psalm138 1 answer

only used cream 2 times total. Rash is itchy, red, bumpy. Odd that it extends from ears down sides of neck and very odd rash is between eyes and on upper lip/middle. Lip feels like cold sore stinging, but is related to rash. how to relieve itch/pain?? i havent used cream since breakout 2 days ago ...

Can Plan B cause, ovaries to drop or be in pain?

Posted 14 Aug 2018 by Isabella2 1 answer

I took Plan B a couple of months ago, and I've notice that my periods started getting irregular, but didn't really pay attention until a couple of days ago whenever I started feeling stinging pain, and started noticing spotting. I went to doctor abroad and he told me I need to undergo a ...

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